5 Reasons Traveling by Motorcycle is Better than by Car


Few things compare to being on the open road riding on a motorcycle. The experience is not like driving in a car, even though they are both vehicles that are meant to get you places, whether you are headed off on a road trip or you are simply going to work. But why, exactly, is traveling by motorcycle better than traveling by car? Keep reading to learn five reasons , but before you do, make sure to do your homework before buying a motorbike.

1. The View!

When you are in a car, your view is obstructed by the body frame and the small windows. But when you are on a motorcycle, you can have a totally unobstructed view of your surroundings because your body is out in the open with the protection of gear from Moto Chanic. You can actually turn your head in every direction–with caution, of course–and take in the scenery as you drive, especially if you are moving at a slow speed and you are on a road that is not too busy.

Motorcycle in alpine road

2. Fuel Efficiency

Generally speaking, motorcycles will get much better fuel economy than even the smallest car. This means that you can save a lot of money during your commute and during long travels. So if you are tired of driving your gas-guzzling car and you do not have the budget to get a hybrid or electric vehicle, the next best thing could be a motorcycle.

3. The Exhilaration of the Open Air

Even though you can open your car window to get some fresh air while you drive, it is nothing like riding down a rural road or even a busy highway and allowing the sun to warm your face as the wind blows against you.

4. It’s Fun!

Driving a car simply is not as fun as riding on a motorcycle. Rather than just sitting behind a wheel in a car, maneuvering a motorcycle requires that you be fully engaged in what you are doing and enjoying every minute of it. It is a lot more interactive than a car, as you need to put your entire body into the task of controlling the vehicle to maintain your safety.

5. Lane Splitting

Finally, if lane splitting is legal where you are traveling on a motorcycle, you can beat bumper-to-bumper traffic easily and quickly by slipping through in between the vehicles on the road. You can leave the gridlock behind you and continue on your way without having to spend long periods of time in traffic, falling behind on your schedule, getting frustrated, unnecessarily burning through gas, and wasting time. Just make sure that if you do practice lane splitting, you do so as safely as possible and you do so slowly so that you do not risk injuring yourself or getting into an accident with one of the cars on the road.
These are just five of the many reasons why people who ride motorcycles are so enthusiastic about the experience. It is very different, and much more exhilarating, than driving a car or truck, and it is definitely for the adventurous.


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