Taking Your Kids Away On Holiday; Where To Go?


This summer holiday why not take a trip to Europe with your family. Europe is famous for so many historical sights and world-class museums, parks and beaches. Choosing the right place for a holiday can be difficult, but in general Europe is a very much family orientated place and there will be many places to keep you children of all ages entertained. All you need to remember to do is pack everyone’s passports and European health insurance cards.

Kent, England

You may be surprised by this choice but England is actually a beautiful place if only it was guaranteed sunshine throughout the summer. Even though the weather is unpredictable, England has so any hidden treasures including Kent; the garden of England. Broadstairs beach is the perfect place to keep little ones entertained with creating sandcastles galore. If they get bored of the beach there’s also Dreamland in Margate, which is filled with rides including a revamped wooden roller coaster, a Big Wheel, a 1920s helter-skelter and a carousel.


Budapest, Hungary

Although Hungary’s capital is typically known for their grand nightlife and history it is an incredibly family-friendly place. Budapest is also famous for its swimming baths which can offer the perfect source of entertainment for adults and children. Adults can relax in the hot springs, while the kids splash about. At some of the swimming baths they even feature wave machines which should be fun for children of all ages. If you all need a pick-me-up after splashing about Budapest is home to a variety of patisseries filled with cakes. Budapest also has Zoos, a circus, puppet shows and even a journey on the Children’s Railway to offer families.

Normandy, France

No matter what type of holiday you are aiming for, Normandy can offer so much from action-packed holidays to a relaxing beach break. If your family is the adventurous type then you are in luck, take to the river in a canoe, practise your climbing skills or go for a scenic bike ride. Once you have had time to rest and refuel Normandy also has a zoo with a mini safari train and Festyland, the largest them park in Normandy. On your holiday if the weather is particularly sunny why not head down to the seaside, as the region boasts miles of beaches.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen truly is a magical so be sure to take your little ones to see the famous Little Mermaid statue at Langelinje Pier. The sculpture is made of bronze and granite, it was inspired by Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale which all children know and love. Then pick the pace up with taking your family to the world renowned Tivoli Gardens, which first opened in 1883. The amusement park is now symbolic of Denmark and is filled with rides as well as gardens-making it the ultimate adventure day out.

Munich, Germany

Germany is one country that is famous for its history and culture. If you visit Germany, be sure to tour round the fairy-tale palaces of Mad King Ludwig. After that there are various museums that you and your family can tour round including the world’s largest technological museum; Deutsches Museum. As well as museums, Munich is also home to one of Germany’s biggest Zoos. It features over 450 different species of animals, which are all grouped continentally into Africa, Europe, America, Asia, Australia and even Antarctica. With so many different activities to choose from yor holiday will be pack filled with adventures.


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