What Web Conferencing Can Do for Your Company


No matter what field you work in, you should consider video calls for collaborating with team members and partners and working as efficiently as possible. Meeting with your colleagues and partners in a digital space allows for face to face interaction, more personal relationships with your business associates, and generally more effective project completion. Read on for the top six reasons your company needs to get in on this trend today.

Companies can use business processes, regardless of location.

One of the greatest benefits of web conferencing is that your business can use various kinds of online processes, regardless of geographical location or limitations. You can run your company’s operations via conferencing and webinar tools, allowing your company to grow regardless of where your employees are based. Distance between remote employees and team members is no longer an issue, since these suites close the geographical gap and limitations.

Video conference room

It makes training employees more viable.

Video calls also offer an easy way for businesses to conduct employee training. Rather than simply using these services for internal business meetings, you can use it for employee training or even as a way to offer training to customers. If you work in the IT industry, you might want to use these services to screen share with customers and show them how to solve various IT problems on their own. Such a training would be a premium for customers and could easily increase your revenue. You can also easily troubleshoot problems via screen share.

It allows you to share applications and desktops.

One of the biggest advantages of online meeting services found today is the capability to share documents, desktops, and applications, according to Chron.com. You can easily present information and teach or train your employees using PowerPoint slides, spreadsheets, and other applications. You can use other applications to make sure that your meeting runs as smoothly as possible and to ensure that everyone is on the same page and apprised of all necessary information, regardless of distance between colleagues.

These services increase productivity.

Not only do online meetings save you the time, money, and effort that are usually involved with travel, airfare, and accommodations, but these services can also save you time by increasing productivity and efficiency of communication. You can use these services to work on projects with remote colleagues. You can also save plenty of time on waiting for responses to emails. Instead of talking to each other via email, you can conduct the same conversation in a digital room instead. You can also save time spent on coordinating with clients and employees by offering a webinar or tutorial via web conferencing, ready to deploy at a moment’s notice.

If you work in the industry and want to start using web conference for IT, consider using a service like Blue Jeans. This video conferencing app allows you to connect with coworkers, partners, and customers with little hassle when it comes to setting everything up.

If you are using such services for employee training, keep in mind that there are certain vendors that actually specialize in training and education and offer a great way to train multiple employees located in different locations, whether across the country or across the world, all at the same time.

It improves customer relations.

According to WebConferencing.org, these tools can be used to improve relationships with customers as well as their satisfaction. You can use these solutions to give your IT support team a better capability to take control of a client’s computer or screen share and show them how to troubleshoot various technological problems in a more efficient and timely manner. While it is very difficult to explain how to troubleshoot these problems over the phone, web conferencing allows you to share screens or documents to display exactly how to solve these issues, so that the customer can solve the problem themselves the next time around. This capability improves customer support and relationships.

These tools can also be used to improve relationships between business associates, including colleagues and partners.

Online meetings with video also provide a great way to improve relationships between colleagues, especially ones who are working remotely across the country or even across the world from each other. Seeing each other face to face in a digital space allows colleagues to read each other’s facial expressions and see hand gestures, which allows for more honest communication than traditional conference calls do. If you are interested in improving your business relationships, video calls are a much better way to go than simple conference calls.

Imagine what you and your company can achieve with the help of web conferencing. Meeting your colleagues, partners, customers and other business associates in a digital space is a great way to train employees or collaborate on projects, while increasing productivity and making more efficient use of time and money. Start using these services today and your business will start to reap in the profits.


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