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Now we have reached the summer period, many homeowners will be looking at ways in which they can enhance their home further. For many of us, this will be by creating extra space, moving around furniture to get additional room, or upgrading bedrooms to fit in a new bed or new wardrobes. Whatever you decide, it is important to make the right changes for your individual needs. Below are some of the key things people will look to do this summer.

Upgrade a bedroom

Upgrading a bedroom is one of the best ways to add value to your home, and can revolutionise its look, giving the impression of size too. Upgrades often occur when children decide they do not want the children’s bedding or wallpaper anymore, or should the former bunk bed be replace with a new single or double bed as your son or daughter becomes more grown up. It could also be the addition of a desk which will allow them to do homework or even have a television. Whatever the reason, there will be a lot of families upgrading their child’s bedroom over the summer holidays.

Adding a conservatory

Still one of the best and most popular ways of getting more room downstairs and having somewhere else to entertain is the addition of a conservatory. Whilst for some people they offer problems because you cannot always use them (it might be too cold in the winter, or like a sauna in the summer), but on the most part they are a great addition. The fact that they don’t take too long to build (in the grand scheme of things) means that you can add financial value to your home, as well as improving the whole flow and giving more useable areas.

Elegant bedroomAdding new windows and doors

Whilst the above two have been complete renovations, simply changing a front door or some of the windows can completely revolutionise your home. A new front door can alter the look of the home massively and if you combine this with a new garage door as well, you can change the way your home looks at the front massively. This can give a completely different impression of your home and set it apart from other homes on your street. If you are selling your home or have plans to in the coming years, this could be the difference between someone buying or someone not.

Landscaping the garden

Many families like to spend time in the garden and in the summer some of you may want to think about changing the patio, doing some landscaping or even adding a water feature. Changing the garden can be a great way to enhance your home and should you want to spend lots of time outside, could be essential to allow you to do this.

If you are thinking about changing one part of your home, the four common alterations made during the summer at lots of homes across the UK could give you some inspiration. As with all changes, if you are unsure how to do anything or require assistance you should seek professional advice.



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