10 ways to secure your home from burglars


Good home security is a high priority for home-owners these days. From an insurance point of view, it’s important to be sure you’ve done all you can to safeguard your property in line with all the red tape and small print on many policies.

Burglar in a houseOf course, it goes without saying that far more important than meeting insurance regulations is ensuring that you and your family will be as protected as you possibly can be. Here are 10 simple tips to help you keep your property and loved ones safe from burglars:

  1. An obvious starting point is having good locks fitted to all front and back doors and windows. Check they reach the British Kitemark Standard.
  2. Fit an intruder alarm and make sure it can be seen at the front and rear of your property. It’s important that it’s purchased and fitted by a reputable company that is a member of the Electronic Security Association.
  3. Automatic security lighting is a good way of putting off the thief in the night. Let’s face it, no burglar wants to be under a sudden glaring spotlight.
  4. Purchase an Ultra Violet Light Security Pen and mark all your property and valuables with your postcode. Photograph sentimental or extremely valuable items. Should the worst happen, at least police can check if recovered items are yours.
  5. Make sure your garden shed is secure and not just with a flimsy padlock.
  6. Keep your garden tidy – thieves will use overgrown hedges and shrubbery as cover – and most importantly, never leave tools or ladders outside to be used by criminals.
  7. Timer switches on radios and lighting can give a burglar the impression someone is at home if you are away or out for the evening.
  8. Where possible, secure your front gate, ensuring that wheelie bins in particular are kept behind it. Thieves can and will use them as climbing aids.
  9. Buying a good quality safe is a great idea but it must be secured to a solid surface.
  10. Consider covering hard surfaces outside with crunchy, noisy gravel and stones.

These are just some of the ways you can thief-proof your home. You can also contact your local police crime prevention team and ask them to come along and advise on your home security set-up. And of course, make friends with your neighbours or join the Neighbourhood Watch scheme. Working together makes it less likely any of you will be targeted.


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