Summer Styles and Colors to Compliment your Skin Tone

We’re about knee deep in the middle of summer! If your wardrobe hasn’t caught up to the season, it’s time you start looking at your closet a little differently. Surprisingly enough, the first step to refreshing your wardrobe for the summer starts with taking a good, hard look in the mirror. Our body shapes and height are easily the first things we consider when purchasing new clothes, but what about your skin tone? Each pigment in your skin has a complementing color palette that brings out and highlights unique facets of the colorway you wear everyday: your skin tone.

For light, fair skin: sky blue & blush pink

If your skin tone ranges between ivory to neutral, colors like tranquil blues give a hint of subtle contrast while light, rosy pigments like blush pink bring out a bit of warmth. Try a summer-ready skater dress in a relaxed fit, or a bodycon with a clean, open cut-out.

For warm, olive skin: berry & peach tones

If your skin tone fairs on the warmer side with yellow undertones, you’ll want deep, berry colors like wine or stonefruit hues like peach to reflect and highlight your natural glow. A strappy shift dress with a short, breezy hemline, or a fluttering crop top with a plunge neckline reveals just the right amount for summer.

For honey, dark skin: vibrant citrus tones

If your skin tone is anywhere in between a golden, honey brown to dark and chocolatey, you’ve been blessed with skin that does well with multiple colorways. Vibrant, jewel tones are all up for grabs. To highlight your skin with added shine, try teals and greens. To bring out your natural flush, go for lemony yellows or apricot oranges. Opt for a short length with a chic shift dress or a strapless, flirty romper.

For rich, deep skin: snowy white & icy blues

If your skin is a lush, deep brown, you can shop in the “honey, dark skin” colorways or go for full contrast in wintry hues like stark white and icy blues that are borderline grey or slate. To go the extra mile and bring out the natural luminescence in your skin, go for ultra clean lines like a squared off bodycon with sleek lace up sides, or a contemporary surplice tank top with a low neckline.

For everyone: classic black

Ever heard that expression ______ is the new black? Well, ditch that theory, because black is always the new black. The major reason that black is perpetually in-season and always in style, is because it goes with every skin tone and matches every colorway. There are no rules to this, so go crazy. For a really timeless look, go for a sleek silhouette like a collar neck midi dress with a high slit, or try out something a little bohemian with a crochet panel maxi dress with an open, strappy back.

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