Three Common Types of Personal Injury Cases


Personal Injury court cases in the United States

United States has the reputation as being the most litigious country in the world. Interestingly, the most common types of disputes are contract disputes, followed closely by labor and employment disputes, with cases involving Regulations/Investigation being third.

Contract disputes are considered the most benign, while civil suits involved validated claims.

Regulations allow persons to be held legally responsible and liable for the injuries to other parties, if the person is deemed negligent or committed an intentional act that causes harm to the victim.

There may be various types of personal injury cases; however, a few appear to be more common.

IVSTITIACases involving defective products

Cases involving defective products make up about seven percent of all personal injury cases. With so many products being massed- produced, it is inevitable that faulty ones can be produced during the manufacturing process despite the tightest controls, as no system is perfect.

Any item that is massed produced, is likely to be subject to faults, and these items range from automobiles to food, drugs and toys.

Defective product liability cases have received the second-highest awards for damages, implying that legal suits for liability for damages due to defective products can expect to be compensated.

The product liability claims cover three areas that include defective design, defective manufacture, and failure to provide instructions or warnings on proper use of the product.

Job-Related Personal Injury Cases

Job-related injuries are still a common occurrence. The Bureau of Labor latest statistics reports shows that although the numbers continue to decline, there were more than 3.0 million nonfatal workplace injuries and illnesses were reported in 2014, with almost 5000 fatal work injuries being reported in the same period.

The numbers are considered to be under-represented, as many incidents were not reported to due fear of job loss. Injuries suffered often include injuries to the neck, back or head areas.

Workers must all be aware that is the responsibility of the employer to provide adequately safe working environment, and if the employers are found negligent, there may be grounds to file job-related personal injury cases.

Motor Vehicle Accident Claims

There are more than six million automobile accidents reported in the U.S annually. They can include not only autos, but bicycles, pedestrians, and motorcyclists.

Unfortunately the number of accidents involving autos appear to be increasing due to several factors that include increased distractions from texting and talking while driving.

If you have sustained any types of injuries that may be the fault of negligence of any other party, contact a personal injury lawyer.


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