5 Top Online Games to Play with Kids


When it comes to keeping your little ones happy and entertained, online games can be plenty of fun. With hundreds of different games to play online, and many which can be obtained for free or incorporated into offline gaming or play time, it’s easier for you to find something which the whole family can enjoy. Online games are not only fun to play, but you can also find a range of games which can help your kids with their cognitive development and learning, for example numbers games which can help with their maths skills, games that help them to improve their spelling, English and writing skills, and even music-related games. Along with that, there are also plenty of ‘brain training’ games online which can be excellent for little ones and adults alike. We’ve put together some of the best types of online games which you can play with your kids.


Bingo might have a reputation for being a game that old ladies like to play at the local bingo hall, but recently it has become more and more popular with people of all ages. With a range of bingo apps and websites available that allow you to play the game and even win money from the comfort of your own home, this can be a great game to play together as a family. Bingo itself is easy to play, and so long as your child is old enough to count and recognise numbers, they will be able to take part. Bingo is becoming more and more of a popular choice of family game, even with some famous household names such as supermodel Kate Moss, who plays bingo with her husband and kids at home for fun. For more information, check out this Sun Bingo YouTube video.

Children computer games

Drawing Games

Games and apps where you draw pictures on your tablet or smartphone and send them to your friends in order for them to guess what it is that you’ve drawn are an excellent choice with little ones and can be loads of fun, too. Drawing games are not only easy and an enjoyable way to pass the time as a family, they can also help both you and your little ones to improve your artistic skills. Even though these games can be played online, they’re also a great idea for entertainment if you don’t have an internet connection, as you can easily play the exact same game with paper and crayons instead!

Biology Games

There are plenty of online games available which can make learning about the human body a more fun and enjoyable lesson for kids. These games are perfect for kids who have started learning about biology in school, as it provides them with a fun, entertaining way to revise their lessons and help the information to sink in a little bit better.

‘Everyday Skills’ Games

There are plenty of great online games out there which will help to teach your kids more about everyday skills that will help them throughout their childhood and even into adult life. One of the best online games to get for this purpose is Kung Fu Panda, which not only includes a range of characters that most kids today will probably be familiar with, but also encourages players to engage in various everyday concepts, for example cooking meals or even cleaning around the home. Although it may seem pretty simple, this game has even been reported to encourage kids to help out more around the house!


Last but not least, Minecraft is an amazing online game that your little ones will love. This game allows kids to build their own virtual world online where literally nothing is impossible, and provides hours of endless, educational fun for little ones in the evenings and at weekends. Along with helping your child to develop better coordination skills, become more artistic and critical, and improve their planning skills, this game can also help to improve their computer literacy and could even get them interested in pursuing IT and technology as a subject as they get older.
When it comes to choosing online games for your kids, it’s essential to make sure that they’re going to benefit from them. These games are not only fun to play, but can also help your little ones to develop and improve a range of key skills.


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