A look at the best tech used for taking pictures with the best quality


When it comes to taking pictures, you’re going to want to ensure that they are the best quality. In some cases, you will be surprised at how something you have with you every day (your mobile phone) can provide you with the best quality pictures, and this is perfect for when you don’t want to have to splash out on some of the latest picture technology. In many cases, these pictures can be used in personalised canvas printing as pictures document important parts of life, such as your latest holiday or an image of your new born baby, and having high quality photos can make a huge difference to the end result. You can keep your memories to hand with good quality pictures, and so, we go through the best tech that you can use.

Vintage camera

Gadgets For Your iPhone

It is common knowledge that some of the best cameras out there are located on the iPhone 6, and this is likely to only get better with each model that they bring out. It has an 8-megapixel 1/3 inch sensor with a 1.5µm pixel size, similar to the iPhone 5S. If however you want to take even better quality pictures, or put a different angle on your camera lens, there are number of attachments that you can include. Some of these devices allow you to take 3D pictures with your smartphone, and then even print 3D objects with a 3D printer too. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on the latest DSLR camera to take high quality photography studio photos, then finding some of the latest gadgets to use with your iPhone can be the perfect replacement.

Petzval 58 Bokeh Control Art Lens

If you’re looking to go a little bit further and you are an avid photographer, then an investment with the Petzval 58 Bokeh Control Art Lens can be one of the best to truly provide you with high quality photos. However, this type of lens does require a lot of patience and skill, but once you have worked out how to use it, the quality that you will get from your pictures will be worth it. It uses a rack focusing system and has no aperture ring, meaning that you have to drop in different sized aperture plates to change the setting. In addition, the Petzval has a unique optical design to ensure that your pictures truly are the highest quality.

Canon 5DS R

One of the highest rated cameras for image quality is the Canon 5DS R, and while a £2500+ investment may seem like a lot just to take a few photographs, if you truly are an avid photography fan and you want images with the best quality, then this camera is one of the best. It has a strong focus on detail with a 50.6 megapixel, full frame sensor and is a pure, professional camera for those looking for detail in their shots. While this may not be the best camera as an all-rounder, the image quality with this camera is undeniable.


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