Car Maintenance Tips That Save Money


Owning and running a car can be an expensive yet necessary endeavour. From insurance and fuel, to repairs and other costs, they can all soon start to stack up. There are many ways to save on insurance and get the best possible price on a used car, but once you’ve bought it you may feel like you have less control over future costs. Looking after it well will reduce the vehicle bills that may otherwise crop up later on.

Keep It Clean

It’s amazing how simply taking care of your car by keeping it clean can cut down on damage. Washing it regularly will rid the vehicle of any excess dirt, which can quickly damage the paintwork by acting like sandpaper or mixing with rain to wear it down. This can lead to rust problems which will be expensive to fix, along with decreasing the resale value of your car. Keeping it tidy inside can also help prevent mould and other such damage.

Car washing

Look After the Battery

The car battery is an essential component for the running of your vehicle, but it can be expensive to pay for a replacement and labour when it runs out. Prolong the life of your car battery with tips from First Response, that include keeping it clean to prevent corrosion and turning off the electrics when they do not need to be on.

Check Your Tyres

Driving on under inflated tyres will mean your car uses a lot more fuel and can potentially damage the wheels. Pumping in more air is almost free, so be sure to regularly check the tyre pressure for all four of them and put in some more air when necessary. It will improve fuel economy and prevent serious tyre and wheel damage.

Depending on where you live (driving in Iowa in winter is not the same as driving in Texas in summer), according to the experts at Morison Insurance, who know all too well what happens when a vehicle is not properly maintained, traditionally, an all-season tyre has been used, but if you are going to be driving in very wet or snowy areas, or in extremely hot deserts, you may want to consider a specific tyre for each climate.

Monitor Levels

Oil, water and screen wash levels should all be checked regularly. Before it gets cold you need to fill up antifreeze, while if oil levels fall too low it can be dangerous to drive and damaging to your engine. These will be monitored and topped up with a service, but depending on how much you drive their levels may fall quicker.

Replace Wipers and Air Filters

There are many repair jobs you can easily do cheaply, without paying for labour. Two of the simplest are replacing broken or worn down windscreen wipers and your air filter. A new air filter is needed every year, while windscreen wipers can be replaced as and when needed. Use these maintenance tips and you should save money when running your car.


  1. The rear left tire of my car always loses air and I must inflate it every two or three weeks.
    Should I worry?
    What is this hapenning?


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