Five Trades You Need on Speed Dial


Training as a plumber of electrician is not as sexy as a degree in forensic science or games development, but what you need to remember is that most people can’t live without reliable tradesmen in their life. Plumbers and other trades earn their bread and butter by fixing our problems. Some of these problems are trivial, but if your central heating boiler has broken down on the coldest morning in December, a qualification in sociology isn’t going to help you one little bit. Here are five trades you should make a point of having on speed dial – just in case.


Plumbers fix anything from leaky pipes to blocked toilets and a skilled plumber is worth his weight in gold. The day your shower stops working is the day you will thank your lucky stars you know a good plumber. Go online to find a reliable plumber Boca Raton, or ask your family and friends for recommendations. Be aware, however, that if you have a plumbing emergency, most plumbers will charge an extra fee for out-of-hours call outs.


Electricians fit new sockets, install new consumer units, and if your wiring is a bit dodgy, they will even rewire your entire house. Electricity is not something a DIY enthusiast should mess with, although you are free to wire in a new socket or light on an existing circuit. Electricity is dangerous and if electrical appliances are incorrectly installed or circuits are overloaded, it can cause fires. Always use a qualified electrician if you need work done.


Joiners work with wood. They can fit kitchens, build wardrobes, lay wooden flooring, and do work outdoors for you. Skilled joiners are true artisans who will create pieces of furniture and hand-build a bespoke kitchen. It’s always useful having a joiner on speed dial, as they come in very handy in a wide variety of different situations.


Plastering is something of a Dark Art. Lots of people can plaster a wall, but most don’t do a brilliant job. A skilled plasterer will leave your wall smooth as glass, with no imperfections or ragged bits along the edge of the ceiling. You probably don’t think a plasterer is all that useful, but if you live in an old property, the walls are likely to be rough and uneven, so a re-skim will make it easier for decorating purposes. Plasterers can also repair walls where tiles have been removed or existing plaster has fallen off.

Heating Engineer

Heating engineers are often plumbers by trade who have specialized in the repair and maintenance of boilers. You will definitely need a reliable heating engineer on your contacts list, as all boilers need servicing at least once a year. Do make sure your boiler is regularly maintained, as it will last longer and always check whether a heating engineer is accredited before you ask him to work on your boiler.
Once you find reliable trades, save their details and recommend them to all of your friends and family.


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