What You Need to Know to Properly Protect Yourself from Cell Phone Radiation


Cell phone radiation may not seem a very big concern for most people – but maybe that’s because they’re unaware of some basic facts. Here are just some of the worrisome trends: about three quarters of the world uses a cell phone. Many of them own two. The radiation emitted by those cell phones is invisible, does not cause smells or taste, and can otherwise not be detected (except with scientific tools). This radiation is aggravated because there are numerous communication towers doing the same thing. The radiation is all around us, and increasing day by day. What’s the harm? It’s electromagnetic radiation, and in large doses it can cause serious harm. Here’s what you need to know to properly protect yourself from cell phone radiation.

Radiation counterAvoid parked cars

A car is basically a metal cave – and whilst the radiation of your phone has no problem getting out, some of it bounces back and hence, you can receive more radiation than you would when using your phone in an open area. It’s the Faraday effect, only in reverse. Avoid using your phone in your car, or whilst you’re amongst parked cars.

Don’t sleep with your phone

Since you don’t use your phone when you’re sleeping, do yourself a favour and place your phone a good distance away from yourself – sleeping right next to your phone will ensure you get exposure because your cell phone is still receiving and omitting, and therefore bombarding you with radiation. Distance is good.

Air tube headsets help

This distance principle should not just be applied when you’re sleeping – you can also apply it whilst using the phone. Even a little distance between you and your phone drastically decreases the dose you receive. Use air tube headsets instead. You can reduce your exposure even further by using specially-made EMF protection products such as jewellery.

SMS is better

Sending your message in SMS form is much safer than having a conversation, simply because you limit the duration of the radiation. And you ensure some more distance as well.

Check your mood

If you’re feeling down or weak, don’t use your phone. Your immune system needs to work twice then. Pregnant women and the elderly should avoid the phone as well.

Here’s another, final hint: never think that a low SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) cell phone is a safe phone – it may emit or absorb lower microwaves but that doesn’t mean it’s better for your health. As a matter of fact, low SAR phones usually have to work at higher power rates, which means they are bound to emit more electromagnetic frequency. Your phone will emit hazardous rays, whether you like it or not, so the best thing to do is to use it only when necessary and, when not in use, place some distance between the two of you. It’s for your own safety, after all.


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