How to Pose for Engagement Photography


Engagement photos are some of the most important that you will ever take, which makes posing for them a challenging task. After all, you want the photos to represent you and your partner perfectly, and the photos will be passed down for years to come (no pressure!) But don’t worry, taking engagement photos can be a fun and happy memory for you and your partner to remember for years to come, and I’m here to help that happen! With these tips you’ll be relaxed and posing like a pro in no time, and you’ll go home knowing that your photos will be a beautiful portrayal of your relationship.

Establish the Mood

What type of mood would you like to emulate in your photos? I know what you’re thinking – well, happy and in love of course! – but this is an extremely important question, and it’s one that you and your photographer should talk about ahead of time. Would you like your photos to be playful and down to earth? This might require more relaxed, off-the-cuff poses; romantic and soft moods might necessitate fairy-tale like poses that are more intertwined; and classy and sophisticated vibes tend to evoke photos that are a bit more posed. Of course, your photographer should try to get a variation of different poses and emotions, but going in with a sense of what you want will end up producing results that better suit you.

girl-smilingGet Close

Now, get close doesn’t mean you have to have a full on make out session in public (some couples aren’t fans of PDA, which is fine) there are other ways to get close with one another that don’t even require a smooch! For starters, you don’t need to look at the camera in every photo, in fact, it’s better if you don’t. Look at each other while you’re having your picture snapped and there will automatically be a sense of closeness.
Sharing in the uncommon experience of having your photo professionally taken can often produce smiles and giggles, which are some of the best shots to have! Being physically closer together by holding hands, hugging, and relaxing against each other also makes for great photos, because it allows the photographer to take more cropped and intimate shots, and makes for some great photos of the ring. And, if you took a lot of time browsing for engagement rings New York, you’ll definitely want it to be on show!

Be Authentic

My final and most important tip when taking engagement photos is to be authentic. Don’t think too hard about how you’re going to pose, just be with each other and enjoy the experience! Talk and laugh, do silly poses, and don’t worry about how you look so much. All of these things will combine to create perfectly natural photos that represent your relationship in the best way possible. If you have a hard time relaxing when having your photo taken, think about scheduling them during a planned day out, or even in your own home for extra comfort and authenticity.
I hope that these tips will help you when it comes to taking the perfect engagement photos that will last a lifetime. Remember, the most important thing to do is have fun, forget why the photographer is there, and be yourselves!


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