An Overview of Timber and Damp Reports – and Why They are Important for Any Property


When people use words such as “damp reports” or “timber reports”, we often think the worst – and nobody’s really to blame for that; they often strike fear of problems in our minds. The truth is, it shouldn’t be that way, because these reports actually have the ability to improve your quality of life considerably – if you know how to use them. Here’s the wonderful thing: if your specialist decides to bring the experts of timber and damp in, they have decided to prevent a problem and possibly make you some money in the long term. For those in doubt, here’s an overview of timber and damp reports – and why they are important for any property.

Think about timber

You may wonder exactly where the timber is in your house – it’s often hidden, after all – or what the big deal about it is. Keep the following in mind:

  • Where is it? Chances are you won’t see much of it; it’s often concealed with brick and stone. The framework is there, though, and lofts are the most prominent place to see it.

  • What’s the big deal? Essentially, timber is a great way to build a solid structure, on the stipulation that the timber is in good condition. Timber experts will look for decay and see how it affects the basic strength of the structure.

Damp house

Consider damp

If you’re living in the UK, then you are very familiar with damp, and what it can do to you and your body. It’s usually something you just learn to live with. But damp also affects building materials, and this needs to be guarded against.

  • What does damp do? Damp and condensation slowly creep into the nooks and corners of the structure and, given enough time, breaks it down. It happens slowly, but surely.

  • What you should expect. It’s not just a matter of going through the motions – often there are special procedures to go through, with special tools. It’s a matter of assessing the effects of damp and condensation in a thorough way.

Here’s why people often fear the whole timber and damp report business: they feel that if the original survey expresses concerns for such a report, there must automatically be something wrong. However, in most of the cases, this is not true – in most cases, the surveyor merely wants to be sure about their findings and ensure the owners of the house that they are leaving no stone uncovered. Certificates and timber and damp reports such as these make not only your property more valuable in terms of financial investment, but also regarding time and effort saved to make the deal. The reports matter.


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