Are you saving enough for your childs future?


We are the first generation in the modern history who thinks their childs will have a life worse than us. If this sensation is a reasonable thought, or it is just a biased fear, is a question every one must decide.

We live in changing times. Bob Dylan itself could be surprised about how different is this world of the one in the sixties, when he released his song “Times are changing”. Some things have seriously changed in the world and in our attitude toward the life itself, and we do not want our kids to charge with that weight on their shoulders.

The world is changing

  • First world countries are no more the world engine. While the quality of life in the OECD countries still attracts millions of inmigrants, the migration from far east countries has almost stopped. Right now China and India are rising positions in every available ranking, and the center of the world is moving east.
  • In North America, Europe or Japan the population pyramid is inverted; in the next decades the native population in these countries will decline. Maybe these inhabitants will be replaced by migrants or maybe the countries will simply downsize.
  • Humankind has started a new age, full of informatical devices connected in networks, and machines doing human jobs better than workers itself. Postmen almost dissapeared and were replaced by package delivery agents, but in ten years, most of them will be replaced by delivery drones. “Drone” itself is a word nobody knews about twenty years ago.

Families are changing

  • In the sixties, in the past century, most families had a couple with three or four children, a house and a car. Fifty years later, that is a rare specimen.
  • There is millions of houses without kids, monoparental families and most parents have only one or two children. These sons tend to remain more and more years in the family’s house.
  • Things are not so easy as usual: University is not free anymore, houses have become unreachable for more and more people and even cars are now more expensive to maintain than to buy them.

And then, here it comes the big question for most parents: am I saving enough for my childs future?

The following infographic, from Shepherds Friendly, gives you some interesting numbers. You can convert these numbers if you live outside the UK, but they seem to be realistic in most developed countries.

The best point this picture includes is the fact that we do not must to sit down and watch how our kids crash against the wall, but we can help if we start right now, and we can start with a small effort.

So the future is open and with some sun and some clouds but we shouldn’t wait to see if it rains or not. You bought raincoats for your children before the water fell, isn’t? Then you should make your numbers and evaluate if you are saving enough for your children.



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