Brain Fuzz – 5 Ways to Regain Control Over Your Creativity


We all get creatively stuck sometimes.

You may call it ‘growing up’ or ‘having a life’ but that doesn’t need to be the case! We can all make time to make art! You might do it when you cook, or maybe in your garden, but I guarantee that there is already something in your life that makes you feel inspired and you just need to tap into that wealth. Here are our top five tips to get your creative mojo back to capacity!

1. Get Balanced

You aren’t going to be able to relax and enjoy yourself if you are too busy being busy, tired or whatever else makes you feel crappy. You need to catch up on that sleep, eat regularly and do the things that help you get into a nicer head space. Koala can always help you sleep better if that is a problem for you.

In the meantime, if you do find yourself unable to sleep don’t just go to whatever mind numbing pursuit you usually while away the hours with, try pulling out some stuff and creating. You could journal or colour, draw, stitch, even paint your nails, anything that you find creative. This is a great way to get art back into your life without it feeling like you are putting off something important.

2. Allow Yourself to be Bored

When you are bored your brain has time to wander and this is how you can stimulate your imagination. If you try to force creativity you will just get frustrated, instead put some supplies and pretty things around where you can see hem and then when you find yourself drawing a blank on what your day should hold these things are more likely to pop into your brain.

3. Consume Art

Seek out art, follow a community online, go out to galleries, look at old photos you took.

It doesn’t matter in the slightest what kind of art or if other people would even consider it to be art! If you appreciate it and you feel connected to it then that’s all that matters. The key thing to keep in mind is that if the work is by other artists you should NEVER compare it to your own in a negative way. View it as a goal, and if you must make it anything, tell yourself “I will be that good one day!”

4. Appreciate Your Art Objectively

We can often be overly critical or overly proud of the work we are doing when we first finish something. To view it more objectively we need to leave it for a few days, maybe a week and then go back to it. You should keep your experience and goals for the piece in mind. Although it may not be what you first intended; is it a good result?

Do you think it is as good or better than other things you have created? What do you like about it? Would you like to change anything? Remain positive and proud of the fact that you are doing what you want to do, while hopefully improving the whole time!

5. Try Different Stuff

Don’t be afraid to be creative in new and interesting ways, use food, plants, glass, wood, paper, canvas, paint, metal, sand, pencils, charcoal, fire, wool, anything! Trying a different medium can give you back the excitement and discovery that you may need.

Creativity is only limited by your imagination so do whatever it takes to jump start it back into gear. Hopefully these tips will be the push you need to get it all rolling again! Happy creating!


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