The Dangers of Not Consulting an Optician Before Buying Prescription Glasses


These days, it is very common for people to self-diagnose. They simply look up information online and decide what is best for them. This is true even for eyeglasses. They decide based on the information they have found online. There is a reason why they are called prescription glasses. You need someone to prescribe them for you. Obviously, this should be done by someone who knows something about eyesight and eyeglasses. Otherwise, you are placing yourself at great risk. You will experience problems when you use the wrong pair of eyeglasses.

It can cause nausea and dizziness

Even for first time eyeglass users, it is possible. Your eyes are still adjusting to the new aid. However, if you are using the wrong ones, your eyes will never be able to adjust. The grades are either too high or too low for your eyes. Your vision will be affected and it will make you feel dizzy all the time. Of course, when you are dizzy, you feel nauseous.

The goal of buying eyeglasses is not met

The reason why you are buying eyeglasses is because you want to see clearly. You can’t see things that are too far from you and so you want to use the glasses as an aid. The same thing is true when it comes to reading glasses. You want to read better so you wear the glasses. If these goals are not met because your glasses are not powerful enough or are too powerful, everything will become useless. It is as if you are just putting on the glasses for their aesthetic value and not for the real purpose.

They may cause headaches

At first, you will just suffer from dizziness. If it is a recurring problem, then it can cause headaches. If left untreated, it could even cause migraine and other serious health issues. You might attribute your pain to some other reasons, but ultimately you will realise that your prescription glasses are the root cause of the problem.

In short, you must consult an optician as soon as possible and buy the right pair of prescription glasses. There are a lot of them to choose from. You can go for Ray-Ban glasses if you want a popular brand and a high quality one at that. You may also consult with a local optician and order the glasses online. You just need to give them the specific details of the eyeglasses you wish to buy and they will be delivered to you. You may also return the item if it does not match what you have requested. Again, you must take eye problems seriously and stick with high quality brands only.


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