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As you all know, I really enjoy DIY. To say that I am a DIY enthusiast is an understatement. I am a huge, huge fan. There is nothing better than starting with a bare, boring room, and transforming it into a beautiful space. Very little beats it in terms of the satisfaction you feel.

Unfortunately, DIY is not all about this sort of transformation. If you are going to take on the task of decorating and maintaining your home, you have to accept that sometimes you will have to do boring, and mundane tasks.

One example is signage for the home, I know, you are all scratching your head wondering what on earth I am on about. You are probably thinking who needs signs in their home?, but please bear with me while I explain.

Signs that protect

Whilst it is true that for the most part we can live without signs in our home, some of them are actually very handy. For example, a ‘beware of the dog’ sign can greatly reduce the chances of your being burgled. If you are not convinced by this, read this article. An ex-burglar wrote it, and putting up one of these signs is on his list of effective steps you can take to put potential thieves off or burgling your home.

Other signs you may want to consider are mind your head signs above low doorways, or slippery surface warning signs. You know where these dangers lurk in your home, but the chances are your visitors will not notice, and could end up having an accident.

Instruction signs

Another very handy way to use signs in your home is to have important instructions like how to relight the boiler turned into a sign. These days having customised signs like these made is not expensive, especially if you make a mock up of what you need and save it as a jpg file. Most sign printers can take that digital file and turn it into a durable, easy to clean, plastic sign for your home.

Having the instructions for something important on the wall ensures that everyone knows immediately how to solve the problem. These signs are especially useful if you rent your property out to holidaymakers.

Fun and decorative signs

However, signs are not necessarily bland and boring. They can also be a great way to pep up your decor, and add interest, a great example of what I mean are custom street signs. You can have a lot of fun with these.

The graphics used on street signs are bold and interesting, so they look great. With customised signs, you can also choose the wording that is used. A stop sign with the phrase ‘kid privacy zone’ added to it, is a fun way to help your kids tell you when they want some down time. You just need to glue on a loop of string and attach a hook to their door, for them to be able to use it, as a great looking ‘do not disturb’ sign. Because you can have practically anything printed on these customised signs they can make great presents too.


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