What information to have when applying for a national insurance card


The card

National insurance is one of the most important requirements, which a child should definitely have for proper and peaceful living either in the US or the UK. But, if you want your child to have a national insurance card, it should be you, who should guide your small child to get a national insurance card without facing any kind of problems. If your child is not mature enough, he or she will not understand the importance of the national insurance card, and thus, you should cooperate. You should carry of the most important documents to the office, such that you do not face any kind of problems.

Identity proof

Among the most important documents, which you will need for getting a national insurance card, you should carry the passport or identity card of your child. In case the school that can also work, provided that you get a written document from the authorities stating that, issues the identity card the child is really a student of that school. If the identity card issued by any of the government organizations that will be enough, and you will not have to provide any additional identification document on behalf of your child. A passport is considered to be one of the best identity cards.

Address proof

The next important document is residence permit, which states that your child is really a resident of the house he is living in. Residence permit will act as a proof of address, which is one of the most important documents for getting any kind of official services, like getting a national insurance card in the case. Residence permit can be the most powerful address proof, though other address proofs are also valid, provided you furnish additional documents supporting it. It is all about the address and the identity proof for national insurance card.

Age proof

Knowing the age of the child is very important, and if your child has just entered the threshold to get a national insurance card, the best a document that can act as a proof of birth, or proof of birth is none other than the birth certificate. In case you are having an adopted child, you should definitely bring the adoption certificate, which will act as the proof of birth or the proof of age for that particular child. You should collect the birth certificate or the adoption certificate as early as possible from the official authorities, which can give the same.

Additional details

If your child has grown up, and now he is an adult, you might need to furnish additional details, like the driving license, if he has one, and if your child is married, you must provide or furnish the marriage certificate, or the civil partnership certificate, which is the most suitable one. But they are only necessary, if your child is married, and the need additional claims. You might have additional questions in mind, and for such inquiries, you should visit NI Apply for additional details regarding getting national insurance cards and other similar documents.


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