Five reasons to drink Chai


Do you fancy a stimulating drink? Do you need to replenish energy? Have you eaten too much and your digestion is slow? There is a drink that offers these and many other healthy benefits, very easy to prepare and with a delicious taste.

The ingredients of the classic Chai are Black Tea and a selection of spices and aromatic herbs. The Ayurvedic tradition (traditional Indian medicine) joined the British tea culture, adding the benefits of both cultures. Tea is rich in antioxidants that slow down cellular aging and improve cardiovascular health, while Chai spices have a soothing and revitalizing effect.

It is very common for Chai tea to include black tea, as in its original recipe. However, it can also be found in its variant with white tea (there are many tastes of Drink me Chai, for example). In the original case, black tea brings its benefits as an antioxidant, astringent, diuretic, comforting and also stimulating. In combination with the ingredients mentioned above, you have a stimulant drink, which strengthens the respiratory system and, due to its anti-inflammatory properties, reduces muscle and joint pain.

As you see, we can take advantage of the benefits of this traditional drink, as long as it is in its most natural form. It can be prepared with water or vegetable milk; Almond and rice milks are ideal for a perfect balance.

Let’s tell you why a cup of Chai is the best option to warm up and stimulate digestion after a meal, or to improve the immune response, among other benefits.

1. Increases vitality

Spices are a natural and healthy stimulant, which produces a slow and stable release of energy. Many Chai recipes also include Black Tea, which adds a good amount of caffeine to the whole. This is beneficial at the start of the day, and also to keep us active throughout the day.

2. Prevents colds

Tea antioxidants and spices enhance our immune response. Especially ginger is also effective in relieving symptoms if we are already cooled, as it reduces fever and helps to expel mucus.

3. Stimulates metabolism

Some spices such as cinnamon and cardamom activate the metabolism and its regular consumption stimulates pancreatic enzymes, improving the metabolism of fats. The Chai is a satiating drink, which contributes to regulate the appetite between hours.

4. Cares for your cardiovascular health

Chai spices combined with tea are a good source of polyphenols, which regulate blood fats and prevent them from adhering to the arteries.

5. Reduces abdominal swelling

Many Chai blends boost stomach activity and digestion in general.

Choose your reason to taste the Chai and its delicious taste will conquer you. It is a drink that will make you warm in winter, but try to take it also frozen, as a refreshing option and enjoy its healthy and natural energy all year round. If the benefits of Chai tea are unsurpassed, let’s not forget to mention that tea is delicious in every way – it can be taken with water, milk or even soy milk and it looks delicious. Have you ever tried Chai tea? I really am an addict to this tea, and it is true that I feel much better after taking one.



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