Have you got a good back up plan?


No, we’re not talking about when you hit 30 and haven’t got married yet so you agree to marry your friend. An agreement that you made when you were 13 and thought there was no chance you’d still be on the shelf at 30. This is a much more serious concept, the back up plan for your data is what we’re talking about.

Backing up data is a very serious matter. Have you ever thought about how you would cope if you lost ALL of the files that you have stored on your PC or laptop? If you have an iPhone then you probably do regular back ups onto your laptop, but what happens if your laptop gets stolen or breaks beyond repair? You could lose years worth of work, financial records and things that are completely irreplaceable like photos from over the years.

For people who have personal files, losing them can be a disaster. For businesses, losing data can be even worse! From fines to loss of customers and a huge amount of reputational damage, you only have to look at some of the high profile cyber attacks where data was lost to see the kind of impact it has. Even the powerful companies like Twitter and PayPal can be hit, so it goes to show how sophisticated the criminals have become.

Data can be lost in a range of ways, sometime through your own mistakes, like you accidentally delete a file or you forgot to save something, or another very common one is where you save over another file. Doh! Other ways to lose data is through technology failure, say your system crashes or you run out of power. This can all lead to a very stressful period of trying to recover the files.

What you should always do, is have a good back up plan. You can back your files up in a number of different ways; cloud storage is a popular option or you can use an external hard drive or a flash drive to save files onto. Unfortunately, these back up methods can fail from time to time so if you have problems trying to retrieve backed up files, you should try using a specialist data recovery company who can offer flash drive data recovery and other types of data recovery.

It can be very easy to go into panic mode when you lose data, but often there is a way to get your data back, so don’t worry until you have exhausted all options. Having a few back up plans i.e. on hard drive and cloud storage increases the chances of you never losing any data, so don’t always think that one method is more than enough. If your data is of great value to you, then you should reflect that in the efforts you make to back up the files. If you don’t think about the consequences of losing them then you will probably live to regret it so get your back up plan sorted now!


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