Tips to rest your mind in the office


Keeping us fresh and alert is imperative to have the best productivity and the highest performance throughout the working day. For those slow days at the office, keep these tips in mind that will relieve you and renew your energies.

Water heals everything

Once an hour (ninety minutes at least) get up from your chair, walk a little, look out the window to breathe fresh air and let the sun bathe your face. Go to the toilet and wash your face and hands. Refresh yourself, enjoy the moment. Then, drink a glass of cold water, and you can go back renovated to your desk.

The chair of your office

Try to have an ergonomic chair, with a rest for the arms and a good back, high and comfortable. The chair is key to maintaining a good posture, and will also prevent you from feeling uncomfortable, so you can stay in it longer and not distract yourself from that annoying pain in the lower back and behind the shoulders, conditions always present with bad seats in the office.

One thing at a time

Always stay focused on the task at hand. If you do many tasks at the same time, you will most likely not give each one the attention they deserve, and end up exhausting your mind in less time. Instead, start the day by structuring your agenda, ordering times in which you will dedicate to each task  individually.

Do not demand your mind!

Do not ask your mind to pay 100% attention throughout the day, but give it the well-deserved rest. After a very demanding task, make another more relaxed; Let your mind wander between one task and another to cut the cycle and the thought pattern as well. Take a few minutes and look whats cool website and let fly your imagination.
Use all your senses to create an actual break: accompany your thoughts with words, gestures and so on. Move your body while performing a task, so that your mind is not so saturated with work. Also, try not to make too many decisions on the same day: organize them for different moments, if you can, for the next day, and thus analyze the options more clearly.

Analyze your moments of greater productivity

If you are more active in the morning, try to establish your meetings and tasks more demanding at this time. If on Mondays you are not at the peak of your energy, try to plan meetings for Tuesday, and so on. Take advantage of your days and hours of high activity and energy to raise your efficiency, and let your mind relax in your “low” moments with more relaxed activities.


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