Affordable Broadband Providers for Students


A student’s life isn’t complete without the Internet. Most students devise ingenious methods to reduce broadband costs like splitting them among housemates, taking advantage of cheap summer deals or finding an already connected house. The old folks may disagree since they managed perfectly without the Internet; today, however, broadband services are invaluable utilities just like electricity and water. The majority of broadband companies target households, but there are a few service providers that design packages that are tailored to student’s use. Below are some service providers that will help your child save money as a student with the cheap broadband deals.

BT Broadband Provider

BT is one of the biggest broadband providers in the UK that offers packages that are five times faster than the average. Users remain connected when travelling with over five million Wi-Fi hotspots. The service provider recently launched three affordable student packages that are tailored to provide the Internet to undergraduates who are living in shared houses. The deals include:

  • BT’s Unlimited Broadband that costs £12.50 per month on a nine-month contract (inclusive of a line rental) with speeds of up to 17Mb and unrestricted download use.
  • BT’s Unlimited Infinity (2) for £ 22.50 every month with a line rental. The package provides speeds of up to 76Mb with unlimited download use and free activation.
  • BT’s Unlimited Infinity (2) with a BT TV Entertainment Plus package for £33 per month for twelve months. The deal also provides a speed of 76Mb and unlimited download use but with a bonus of unlimited calls during the weekend, free activation and YouView (inclusive of a set top box). The TV Entertainment package provides users with the option of adding BT Sport without additional costs, which features 38 Premier League games, 80 Freeview channels and UEFA Champions League. It also comes with a BT Smart Talk app that helps customers save money when making international calls on their smartphones.


Plusnet Broadband Package for Students

It’s perhaps the most affordable package for students with a speed of 17Mbs with no restrictions on download for 12 months for £ 13.49 per month, making it an excellent choice for small households and hardcore gamers. The deal offers three options; unlimited broadband, unlimited fibre and unlimited fibre extra and all the packages are compatible with home phone packages. Broadband packages require a BT landline, so users have to make payment for line rental to Plusnet or other providers. Apart from the 12-month contract, the dealer offers a rather flexible one-month package. It comes with a rental phone line for users to make PAYG calls, but you may upgrade to Weekend and Evening calls for unlimited calls based in the UK.

Sky Broadband Package for students

The service provider offers broadband services almost for free as students get to enjoy unlimited internet for 12 months for £15.40 per month. Its broadband services come in two packages; the unlimited package and the Sky Broadband Connect. The unlimited package offers a download speed of 17Mb with no restrictions. Users need a Sky phone line to get the broadband. The package offers students the option to upgrade to Weekends and Evenings Extra, International Extra and Anytime Extra. It comes with a wireless router that provides extensive range and allows you to reduce power bills by activating the low energy use mode. For faster connection, subscribe to Sky’s Fibre Unlimited package that offers 38Mb speeds without download limits. It’s ideal for hardcore gamers, large households and those streaming videos. It also has a smart technology feature that scans for hotspots within range to connect. Remember to cancel the subscription as it charges £3 per month on expiry.

Several factors come into play when comparing broadband services:

  • Select a broadband service that offers unlimited usage so that your guardian won’t keep track of how much data you are using or streaming. Affordable broadband deals that have restrictions may result in additional charges.
  • The broadband service should provide lots of bandwidth to share. Providers offering fibre optic options are ideal as they provide fast speeds.
  • The contract length should be reasonable (9, 12, or 18 months) to avoid making payments during summers.
  • Student life shouldn’t cut you off from the rest of the world; hence, the need to choose a broadband package that bundles Internet services with TV channels. Sky and BT broadband services offer the best deals for broadband and TV channels.


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