Scott Pruitt’s comments on climate change are “breathtakingly wrong”


In an interview with CNBC today, EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt denied that carbon dioxide is a primary contributor to climate change.

Fred Krupp, president, Environmental Defense Fund, expressed his concern for these statements and all that they can mean for the future of the country and the planet itself:

“Scott Pruitt’s comments are breathtakingly wrong. His opinion that carbon dioxide is not a primary contributor to climate change contradicts a mountain of empirical evidence from the best scientists in the world – including those at NASA, NOAA, and EPA itself.

It’s appalling that Pruitt – a lawyer – is claiming to understand climate science better that the climate scientists. His statement is an early warning system for a raft of anti-environmental actions coming as soon as next week that will put Americans’ health and our children’s future in danger. Pruitt has begun an unprecedented attack on our families’ safety and on science itself.”