Boost Your Brain with Diet and Supplements


Certain foods are believed to improve brain function, concentration and attention span, due to the vitamins and minerals they contain. If you want to improve your family’s brain power and help with learning, focus and cognitive function, try adding more of these foods to your diet.

Choosing the Right Sugars

Sugar can give you a short-term boost of memory and energy when used in moderation. But don’t reach for just anything sweet – you want glucose, which is what your body makes from the carbs and sugars you consume. Fruits like oranges, pineapple, and grapes are good sources. Don’t overdo it though, because too much can cause weight gain and sluggishness.

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Starting The Day Off Right

Eat breakfast. It truly is the most important meal of the day. Include whole grains that are high in fiber, dairy, and fruit. A fruit and yogurt parfait with some crunchy granola on top is just the thing to get the kids off to school ready to learn. Again, moderation is the key. Too many calories can get in the way of concentration.

Valuable Omegas

Fish is said to be brain food, and it’s true. It contains omega-3 fatty acids that boost brain health. Some kids are picky when it comes to fish, so start offering it when they’re young, and try different kinds until you find one they like. Try to get two servings per week.

If your children won’t eat fish, you can give them a cod liver oil supplement which contains omega-3 fatty acids. The benefits are not as good as eating fish, but they’ll get some brain-boosting effect.

Pile Up the Antioxidants

Nuts and dark chocolate have antioxidants that help with focus and slow down cognitive decline as we age. As an after-school snack, a handful of almonds and a square or two of dark chocolate seems like a treat, but can also help them power through the homework.

Time to Supplement

Sometimes kids don’t get the recommended amount of certain vitamins from their food. In that case, taking supplements can help. The supplements below are known for boosting brain power.

A multivitamin will help your children to get all the vitamins they need even if they don’t eat all the right foods. It’s always best to get the vitamins we need from our meals, but it’s not always possible, especially for kids. That daily multivitamin is a nice little insurance policy for your child’s health and brain power.

Vitamin K2 is found in fermented foods like yogurt and grass-fed animal products like beef, but it can be hard for kids to get enough from those food sources. It helps with brain health, but it is also good for healthy skin, strong bones, supporting healthy growth and development, and even preventing heart disease and cancer. K2 is available in MK-4 and MK-7 supplements. MK-7 supplements are more natural, so some parents prefer those.

Check with your pediatrician before adding supplements to your child’s diet. Most supplements aren’t harmful, but some may be if they are taken in very large doses. If your child has allergies or a medical condition, you’ll want to be sure any supplement you give them won’t do any harm.


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