Recover Your Lost Files with EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard


Most of the computer users might have landed them in a troubled situation by accidentally deleting an important file or losing their important data due to a corrupted hard disk. The problem, although tricky, can be resolved by file recovery software you will find on the Internet. However, not every recovery software will prove to be efficient enough for you. Most of them have certain limitations and come with a heavy price tag. If you are looking for the most efficient file recovery software, you should immediate download and install EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for getting the access to your important files that you have lost or deleted.

The process of downloading and installing the recovery software is easy. It takes less than a minute for the software to be installed in your system. After the software is installed in your system, the program will launch by itself, if you haven’t unchecked the “Launch EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard” option at the end of the installation phase.

The most prominent feature you will notice on the recovery software is the simple yet appealing interface. The free data recovery software is easier to use for both the experienced and the novice users as there are no complicated settings you need to configure for recovering your lost data.

Coming to the recovery phase, you have plenty of options at your disposal. Whether you want to search for graphic or music files, you can do the needful by checking the required option(s) or simply click on “All File Types” for complete searching. After selecting the file types, select the drives you want to look into. EaseUS Data Recovery can also search for lost data in external drives such as USB etc.

You can select from the quick scan or a deep scan for recovering the lost data. The quick scan, by true means of being quick, previews a decent amount of lost or deleted files from your system. However, if you have still not found the file you were looking for, you can opt for deep scan, which might take more time than quick scan but will surely extract out the files you were looking for.

There is always an option for pausing or stopping the deep scan if you think it is taking a longer time. While you have paused the scan, you can still preview the files that have been located by the recovery system. Once you have the preview of files in front of you, you can select the ones you want to restore and click on the recovery button and saving them on your chosen drive.


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