4 Important Health Benefits of Fishing


Recreational fishing is more than a hobby, it’s a valuable life skill. Survivalists make strong cases about why most people should learn to fish. It keeps you fed if you’re ever trapped in the wilderness. Fishing also helps calm you.

Additionally, the fish themselves bring major health rewards to your life. Eating fish creates a more balanced diet. As fitness and health junkies, we already know the multitude of health benefits that you gain from eating fish. Now let us teach you a few of the ones gained from fishing.

Less Stress

Fishing lets you de-stress by narrowing your focus to one main goal: catch a fish, cook and eat it. Fishing also removes you from technology, which can lead to a more harmonious relationship with nature. It allows personal and universal reflection.

Relaxation through fishing regenerates your mind after a long week of daily stressors. People who find positive ways to deal with their stress live healthier and happier lives.


Works Core Muscles

Fishing exercises the arms, shoulders, legs and back muscles. Proper posture while sitting in a singular position strengthens the back muscles. Reeling in a fish forces arm and leg muscles to work. You also use these muscles when you walk and climb to find the perfect fishing spot.

Fishing burns about 200 calories per hour. A full day of fishing can burn over 1,000 calories with low-intensity movement.

Builds Character

Waiting an entire day to catch a few fish requires faith and patience. You have to believe in your fish catching abilities to not give up within the first couple of hours. If you love fishing, you take as many trips as possible to get better at it. You practice and practice until fishing becomes second nature.

Fishing builds patience, resilience, confidence, and dedication. Any truly successful person has all of these skills. Fishing is a great recreational activity to teach to your children or grandchildren, because it helps them build important life skills that they’ll need in the future.

Restores Vitamins

Vitamin D makes the body’s absorption of calcium and phosphorus routine. The sun is a major source of vitamin D, so being outside all day helps the body absorb it more. Eating fish gives you omega-3 fatty acids, which help decrease blood pressure, and lowers the risk of stroke and heart attacks.

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