5 Awesome Cars That Might Surprise You


When you’re thinking about purchasing a new car, it can be tempting to stick with what you know. If you have always gone with a certain make of car and been fairly happy with your choices, you may be inclined to go for the same manufacturer next time round. By doing this, you could be missing out on some fantastic deals and whole new driving experiences. If you don’t try anything new, then you may never know what you’re missing out on.

Here are some of the cars that you might not be thinking about but you should give a chance for them to impress you:

Hyundai i10 – This great little car is marketed as sporty yet compact and has a number of cutting-edge connectivity features that will make your driving experience miles better! You can pick up a brand new Hyundai i10 for around $10,000, so it is one of the most affordable new cars available.

Ford Fiesta – The Ford Fiesta has been a popular car for some years, but in recent years the design of the Fiesta has seen significant improvements. Still priced fairly low compared to similar cars in the same category, the Fiesta is one of the best subcompact cars around right now.

Honda Civic – Similarly to the Fiesta, the Honda Civic has had a major shift in recent years when it comes to the design. Once seen as an unstylish, practical design, the manufacturers have taken this car to another level. Now described as ‘sleek and sporty’, this car has a turbocharged engine and performs exceptionally well.

Toyota Corolla – Toyota have been producing some excellent cars recently, and the Toyota Corolla is one of their best yet. To mark 50 years of the Corolla model, they have released a 50th Anniversary Special Edition which is a combination of style and comfort and also has some industry leading safety features like the Safety Sense technology. More than just a pretty exterior, you will love the interior and how this drives too! You can purchase a used and affordable Corolla at many trusted car dealerships.

Kia Soul – If you’re looking for something a bit bigger, then the Kia Soul might just surprise you in terms of what it has to offer. You can get the all-electric version the Soul EV or one of three conventionally fuelled engines. People love the Soul because it is nippy as well as comfortably large enough for families to use. The Kia Soul scores quite highly with a number of top car reviewing websites.

When it is time to buy your next car, don’t simply go for the latest version your usual manufacturer has released this year. Make sure that you do a bit of research on what is available as there are some great cars with new technology and fantastic safety features that could really impress you. Not only could you get yourself a car that you really love but you could end up saving yourself significant costs if you buy the right car at the right time.


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