4 Essential Considerations for Your Bathroom Lighting


The bathroom is a place for relaxation and reflection but it is also one of the most practical rooms in the house. Therefore, bathroom design must reflect this emphasis in both style and function. Bathroom lighting design, in particular, needs to focus on the right balance of beauty and safety. Lighting in the bathroom can make or break the design success of this room. Find out some essential design tips for planning your bathroom lighting.

1. Pay Attention to the Zones

For the purposes of lighting design in the bathroom, all bathrooms are split into different zones, according to www.downlights.co.uk. There are three zones, which are named 0, 1 and 2. If you are planning on putting lights over the sink or over the bath or shower they need to be rated at a quality level of IP44 or higher. This means they are splash proof, which is vitally important for a bathroom. In some parts of the bathroom you will not need to install IP rated lighting but it is always recommended to purchase steam protection and also to install lights which are water resistant, even when you do not have to. This will enhance the life of the lights and ensure they match.

2. Consider the Colour Temperature

Not all white light is equal when it comes to bathroom lighting design. You also need to look at the colour temperature of your light bulbs and decide what kind of ambience you wish to create. If you want to provide a relaxing atmosphere for a bath it is a good idea to install some lights to be used when bathing which have a warm colour temperature. Many LED lights have this feature. Remember that dimming an LED light gives a different effect from dimming a halogen bulb, but you can buy specialist LED lights which have a dimmer effect built in. If you want a more neutral and “clean” effect you should choose a cool white bulb.

3. Look at the Finish

You ideally want the downlights and the lighting hardware such as the switches to match your other bathroom accessories like taps and towel rails. Consider what finish you want for your lights, where choices include chrome and steel, as well as different coloured metals.

4. Think about Clever Combinations

Since you need both an extractor fan and lights in your bathroom, why not combine the two? You can get lights that are also fans, which help to illuminate the bathroom as well as get rid of the excess steam. Check out these BBC bathroom lighting tips for more ideas.


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