4 Essential Things Your Product Packaging Must Be


What makes the difference between a product that is always picked up off the shelf and a product that remains in the background, waiting to be bought? Packaging. While other factors come into play, for example, marketing and brand reputation, at the point of sale it is the product packaging that makes the huge difference.

Photo by Viktor Forgacs on Unsplash

Customers are looking to buy a product that expertly matches their needs. How do they know which product is the best fit? Packaging. You only have a few seconds to tell your customer that your product is the one for them. Take a look at these essential features for designing the packaging that makes products fly off the shelves.

1. Unique and Creative

Your packaging is competing with many other products in the same category, which means that there are many aspects of the design that remain the same. Chocolate packaging will probably have a picture of chocolate on the label, for example, and wine will be packed in bottles – usually. But there is in fact a great amount of creativity you can bring to the shelf. Look at the ways you can stay within the product category (so people know what they are buying) while being truly original. You’ll see thousands of examples of original bespoke packaging – take inspiration from these ideas and let your imagination free.

2. Perfectly Pictured

You don’t have to be obvious about this, but people do still like to see a photo or image on the product that is linked to what they are buying. While some packaging does this in a straightforward way – cows on milk cartons, for example – other packaging draws on more creative links between the product and the image.

3. Visible

Often it is the best idea to show some of the product within the packaging. While this may not be possible with many food products, it is often a good idea. For example, showing the colour of the drink demonstrates that it is natural and not packed with preservatives.

4. Clean and Bold

You may be creating packaging to sell a baby chair or a packet of coffee, but you can be bold and clean in your design for both. Most products do not need a ton of information cluttering the front of the packet. Make sure you stick to legislation for labelling for your product but try to let your design and your images shine.


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