3 Ways Homes Are Getting Smarter


Is your home dumb? Make it a smart home with the help of technology that allows you to control things at home even when you are not there. Did you forget to turn on the dishwasher? No problem. Pull out your smartphone or tablet, and turn it on. Did you forget to set the security system or lock the doors? Again, use your smartphone to make sure the home is secure.

Peace of Mind Always

Smart security systems can check your home for moisture, carbon monoxide, unusually elevated temperatures, smoke in your home, and intruders. The security alarm will send an instant message to your smartphone if something is amiss. Plus, there’s no need to carry a house key. Smart locks work through a digital key. You can even give a guest temporary access to your home and disable their key after they are gone.

Some smart security systems offer facial recognition, which is a good thing, especially if you have unsupervised children at home. The locking technology not only recognizes who is there — it also lets you know at once if a stranger is on your property. Inside cameras also check on your kids’ and pets’ activities. Ever wonder what goes on while you are away? Now you will know.

Keep Your Home Bright and Comfy

Smart lighting allows you to program your lights to turn on and off so you never come home to a dark house again. Lights will also turn on and off when you are on vacation so the house still looks lived in. You can even program lights to turn on in the morning to wake you up or dim in the evening to get you ready for bed.

Programmable thermostats have been around for a while, but smart thermostats take that one step further. You can check the temperature in your home from any place but even better, smart thermostats can track your usage and check outside temperatures and adjust settings based on that information. Check with your HVAC technician about having a smart thermometer installed in your home.

Educating Your Home Devices

Smart hubs have an artificial intelligence that controls all your smart home devices. With a smart hub, you can ask for weather reports, restaurant recommendations, or play music. You can set the hub to control your appliances too. Turn the oven on, start the washing machine, or use a robotic vacuum all before you get home. You can control the smart hub by voice when you are home or by remote through your smart phone. There are even smart refrigerators that will send you a picture of the contents so you can stop by the store on your way home without making a list.

Smart technology is just beginning. Future smart home activities include a stove that senses what you are cooking and sets the temperature, refrigerators that will check expiration dates, and security systems that know when you are 10 minutes from home and turn on lights, unlock doors, and play your favorite music. Soon your house may be the smartest thing around.


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