Sferic Maps: Real Time Lightning Strike Maps for Your Business


Sferic Maps is the brand name for Earth Networks’ application software system that delivers weather information in real time, helping businesses and organizations protect property and manage resources while keeping their employees and customers safe in the event of hazardous weather conditions.

Sferic Maps lets you visualize developing weather systems with a choice of multiple data layers that you can use to drill down to the level of customization you want. Whether your business deals with outdoor events, faces significant impact from adverse weather conditions, or has staff members out in the field, Earth Networks’ software can help. Think of it as a customizable and portable weather dashboard for your company, so you can focus on the details that matter the most for your organization and decision-making. You and your personnel can get the information you need without having to sort through data you don’t want.

Among its multiple layers, Sferic Maps includes options to help you visualize and interpret temperature, storm cells, and lightning activity. Lightning data is particularly important, as it’s a predictor of certain types of especially hazardous weather, such as tornados. Studies have shown higher rates of cloud-to-ground and intracloud lightning activity in storm systems that spawn tornados. Earth Networks’ Total Lightning Network, or TLN, is the most extensive and advanced lightning network on the globe, allowing precision of data on storm intensity, coverage, and trends at a level that satellites cannot match.

The proprietary software functions in effect as a lightning strike map in real time, derived from a network of over 12,000 professional local weather stations in more than 40 locations all over the globe. This ability to pinpoint lightning activity to within 100 meters is one example of what sets TLN and thus Sferic Maps apart.

Earth Networks make this data easily accessible, and it can provide mobile alerts so you can collaborate with other decision makers even when away from home base. Sferic Maps allows you to customize your available alerts so the right people get the right information depending on their roles within your company or organization – and that means they can make informed decisions.


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