A new HVAC system could make your home healthier


The average working adult takes 14 sick days every year, 10 because they’re battling illness and four to care for ailing loved ones, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. Evidence also suggests that most workers feel pressured to drag themselves to the office on days when they’re feeling ill. Life’s too short to spend weeks feeling sick, especially when finding a cure could be as simple as replacing your HVAC system.

It Can Reduce the Risk of Household Mold

Mold is one of the greatest home health hazards. People with mold sensitivities can struggle with allergy symptoms like sneezing and skin rashes in mold’s presence. Mold can also cause shortness of breath and even bring on an asthma attack, according to WebMD. Mold loves moisture, so you’ll usually find it in damp rooms like bathrooms and basements.

Many modern, high-quality HVAC systems have dehumidifiers which remove moisture from your home’s atmosphere. Without this moisture, mold struggles to grow.


It Can Remove Toxic Dust From the Atmosphere

The average American home accumulates 40 pounds of dust every year, according to the “Today Show.” Dust isn’t just unsightly; it’s also a major health hazard. Research from George Washington University has found more than 45 toxic chemicals lurking in household dust. These nasties can cause respiratory, behavioral, and neuro-developmental problems.

New HVAC systems filter air through special cleaners that remove dust particles before you breathe them in. If you’re worried about your health, an upgrade could help.

It Can Help You Breathe More Fresh Air

It’s scary to discover air inside the average home is usually two to five times more toxic than air outside the home, according to the Environment Protection Agency. Now modern HVAC systems are bringing that clean outdoor air into homes.

The contemporary units have advanced fresh air systems compromising two small side-by-side fans. One pumps fresh air inside the home from the outdoors, while the other removes stale air. As the airstreams pass, they transfer heat to one another. That means that even if it’s cold outside, the warm stale air will heat the fresh air up before it’s pumped out, and vice versa. This process is a lot more energy-efficient than generating heat from scratch.

Some of the most advanced fresh air systems can also dehumidify to reduce mold and provide an extra health advantage.

It Can Reduce Your Stress Levels

While physical health matters, it’s important to consider your mental health too. Thankfully a new HVAC system can also boost this. Dealing with unreliable appliances can seriously raise stress levels. You’re likely to feel your blood boiling as you struggle with a faulty appliance and call a repair person for another service. Pretty soon all those repairs add up, creating financial stress. New HVAC systems are reliable, with warranties guaranteeing you won’t have problems for years to come. Invest in one and you’ll only have to see your HVAC agent for your annual service.

Don’t suffer through another month of illness. Invest in a new HVAC system for your own health and your loved ones.


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