Four ways to make your smartphone more fun


We all know smartphones are both practical and fun in their design. They store our favorite memories, connect us with the world, and offer up apps and games to keep us entertained. However, there are plenty of ways to make them even more fun. From custom effects to the latest accessories, here are a few suggestions to get you started.

Choose a Live Wallpaper

Whether you’re looking to liven up your home screen, lock screen, or both, you want a wallpaper that stands out. You can choose pre-installed wallpapers from your phone, browse the internet, or upload a favorite photo, but opting for a live wallpaper can make your background even more appealing.

You’ll find many live wallpaper apps offering up gorgeous graphics and animated features. From lovely waterfalls and stunning sunsets to unique cityscapes and abstract art, you can easily turn a basic wallpaper into something surreal. Just a simple tap or swipe to the screen can trigger different effects, giving you a fun, interactive experience you’re sure to love.

Install a Custom Launcher

Are you tired of your smartphone’s default home screen? If you want to boost its potential, you can do so with a custom launcher. It allows you to customize your home screen any way you like. Options range from creating shortcuts and launching apps to adjusting themes, icons, animations, and actions.

If you want to increase your smartphone’s productivity, there are plenty of apps to help you get the job done. You can download Nova Launcher for your Android smartphone or Launch Center Pro for your iPhone.

Personalize Your Ringtone

Customizing your ringtone is a fun and creative way to show off your musical interests. You can set a general ringtone for every call or designate individual ones for different contacts. While some prefer to search the internet for downloadable ringtones, others like the quick convenience of opening up a ringtone app on their home screen.

With a multi-purpose app like Zedge, it’s easy to browse through millions of ringtones to find the right one. Not to mention, you’ll also have access to their large collection of themes, wallpapers, games, and other features.

From fun and catchy tunes to slow and melodic ballads, choosing a popular ringtone of your favorite song is a great way to make your phone even more exciting.

Accessorize Your Smartphone

Whether you’re focused on style or functionality, there are plenty of accessories to enhance your smartphone. Choose a phone case that speaks to you, from cute characters and inspirational quotes to interesting patterns and designs. Check out Casetify to spruce up your phone with custom photo cases, or shop their inventory of special collections.

Other accessories to consider include those infamous selfie sticks that are ideal for snapping photos and vlogging about your adventures. But if you’re more into high-tech gear, virtual reality headsets and gamepads are two nice options for turning your smartphone into your personal entertainment system.

Even though smartphones are pretty “smart” in their design, there’s no reason you can’t customize them further to suit your lifestyle.


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