Travel Spots for the Gentleman


The gentleman is a dying breed. He cannot be found in every man that walks down the street, and cannot be found solely in sharp attire. A true gentleman has a strict set of values and moral codes that dictate him. These values place him above most men, regarding charm, grace, and character. It is only right that the gentleman does not travel to just any destination. He travels to cities that are rich in culture and class. He uses sites like to find the best travel guides to explore the world.

Here are travel spots a gentleman such as yourself might not yet have been to:

North America – Montreal

Montreal is a city away from North America. It is a piece of the old European world brought into the new, and has kept all the charm and idiosyncrasies of its mother, France. Here you will find a French accent that is hundreds of years old, and some of the best food in the world. Montreal is home to restaurants consistently ranked in the top ten in Canada. It has live music and bars galore. The Quebecois know how to party. Let their city whisk you away.

Europe – Lisbon

Lisbon is an ancient city that was once the home of the richest people in Portugal, back when Portugal owned the world. The cobblestone streets twist up into hilltops; the iconic red trams meander through the streets, stunning villas and colorful murals that line the walls. This is a city that must be walked because it has secrets buried deep in the stone. This place is a photographer’s dream.

South America – Rio de Janeiro

One of the most stunning cities in the world, Rio de Janeiro is home to rainforests and a city of dreams. There are art boutiques and some of the best food you will ever taste. You can see one of the most jaw-dropping views a man can see, and dance the night away.

Africa – Cape Town

Cape Town has quite the tumultuous past, and a very complicated present. This beauty of a city was founded by the Dutch back in the 17th century, and since then has become a melting pot of cultures and beliefs. It truly has everything, from food to shopping, to some absolutely stunning beaches. For any gentleman out there, the wine estates are an absolute must to visit.

Asia – Shanghai

Shanghai is a city beyond belief. What started out as a fishing village became a megacity of cultures and architectures. Here you can find influence from the British, the French, and the Americans, and a beautiful mixture of all of them. Today, it is a city of art and architecture. It is a city of fine dishes and rich culture.

These cities are sure to sate any dignified gentleman’s wanderlust cravings. They have a rich cultural history that makes the city come alive. They have everything from delicious foods to beautiful artwork, to fun places to dance.


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