3 Helpful Ways to Create More Storage Space in Your One-Bedroom Apartment


There’s always a reason to have a little more storage space. Perhaps you need room to store important papers or tuck away the gifts you buy for holidays and birthdays in advance. Even though you live in a one bedroom rental, there are ways to create some extra storage space without anyone being the wiser. Try these three tips and you’ll soon have plenty of room for everything.

Invest in Closet Organizers

You’d be surprised how much wasted space is in the typical closet. Organizing inserts are easy to customize so they are a perfect fit for any size closet. They allow you to make use of the space that currently is not being used for anything and will definitely improve the organization of the space.

For example, consider buying an insert set to provide some organization for the front hall closet. You’ll be able to make better use of the space underneath any coats you have hanging on the rod and make better use of the empty space above the shelf. Along with being able to fit more in the closet, you will find it easier to arrange everything so you can reach in and grab what you need without having to dig through the contents.

Buy a New Coffee Table

Have you ever thought of your coffee table as a place for extra storage? There are designs on the market that come with tops that lift upward. Underneath you’ll find a compartment that’s a great place to store magazines, iPods, and anything else that you want close but out of sight.

If you would like more space than one of these coffee tables will provide, think about going with a low chest or trunk instead. As long as the lid is flat, you can easily dress it for use as a coffee table. The main compartment is perfect for storing board games, CDs, electronics, and anything else you want to keep on hand. Best of all, an old trunk can be purchased at a low price and then painted to blend right in with your decor.

Don’t Forget the Space Under the Bed

At present, the only thing stored under your bed is dust bunnies. Change that by investing in under bed containers that are mounted on small casters. You can use those containers for all sorts of things. Store clothing you only wear during certain seasons, set aside one for wrapping paper and bows, and even have one to hold those smaller items you pick up on sale and plan on using as gifts later on. Everything is kept organized and the casters ensure you can roll the containers out without any problem.

Since you don’t want anyone to see the containers, hide them with the use of a dust ruffle. If you don’t like the idea of a ruffle, it’s easy enough to buy a cotton blanket in a color you like and place it in between the mattress and the box springs. Make sure it reaches all the way to the floor on the three exposed sides.

Order can reign in your Icon Beaverton apartment rental without costing a lot of money. Put these tips to good use and it will be easy to have everything you own within easy reach at all times.


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