4 Best Ways to Furnish Your First One-Bedroom Apartment on a Budget


Now that you are out of college and on your own, the search begins for one bedroom apartments in Redwood City. Once you find one in your price range that you like, there’s the matter of coming up with the furniture. Since you are reluctant to use your credit card to furnish the place, it makes sense to find other ways to get the things you need. Here are some suggestions that will help you furnish the new apartment without going into debt.

See What Loved Ones Have in Their Attics

It’s hard to beat free when it comes to furnishing your new apartment. Put out the word to your friends and family that you would be willing to haul away some of those treasures that have been taking up space in the attic for years. Someone is bound to have a chair, a piece of wall art, or something else you can like tucked away. Since they don’t plan on using those pieces again, this approach allows you to get something useful and your loved ones to have more spare room in the attic.

Go Curb Shopping

From time to time, people place furnishings and other household items on the street that they want to pass on. Driving around some of the better neighborhoods in the area could yield some wonderful finds. From an area rug for the dining room to lamps for the living room, you’ll be surprised at what people discard. Once you have the pieces cleaned up, no one will know they were found by the curb.

Check the Online Classifieds

Another approach that many people use to furnish their 180 flats – Redwood City apartments for rent is to check online classified advertisements. There are sites that offer people the ability to post ads for things they want to give away or are willing to sell for next to nothing. Grab a friend, a truck, and make contact when you find a sofa that will do or a dresser that is the perfect size for your bedroom.

Remember that some social networking sites also have groups devoted to giving away free household items. Join one of those and you could come across some great kitchen appliances, furnishings, and wall art that will cost nothing other than your time and the fuel to get your truck to the right place.

Go to Garage Sales

If you do have some cash for buying furniture and other things you need, seek out yard sales in the better neighborhoods. Plan a route that allows you to get to the best ones early on a Saturday morning. Remember that most people are happy to negotiate the pricing so never hesitate to offer less than the amount on the price tag. You could end up with some great buys and still have money left over at the end of the day.

There are more ways to furnish your new apartment without having to create another bill you have to pay each month. Try these four approaches and feel free to add a few more ideas to the list. In less time than you thought possible, the hunt will be completed and the place will be comfortable and attractive.


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