5 Brilliant Ways to Put Your Basement to Good Use


You have a wonderful basement that is more or less used for storage. What if you could concert that area into usable living space? Many people are choosing to renovate their basements and make them into something that they’ve always wanted. Here are five suggestions on how to transform the space into a room that you and your family enjoy.

Creating Another Bedroom

One way to put that Brampton basement to good use is transforming it into a bedroom for one of the older children. While it was fine to share a room with a sibling in the past, older children and teens love having their own space. The basement is perfect since it provides plenty of room. Have the renovation include the installation of a private bathroom and your teen will love living in the space.

Making the Space into a Studio Apartment

If the basement has an outside entrance, why not renovate the space and allow it to earn a little money for you? It wouldn’t take much to convert it into a great studio apartment that includes a kitchenette and private bath. The money from the rental will certainly come in handy and your tenant will have a private space that is the perfect sanctuary after a hard day at work.

Your Own Game Room

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a space where the pool table and other amusements could be kept without having to squeeze them into other parts of the house? With a little waterproofing and cosmetic touches, the basement could be converted into the perfect game room.

Along with the pool table, you could include a place for board and card games, a wide screen television for viewing sporting and other events, and plenty of comfortable seats for enjoying a snack or sitting around talking.

Room for Your Craft Projects

The basement could be finished and used for all of your craft projects. Instead of having to spread everything out on the dining room table and move it when company is coming, there can be space set aside for cutting, sewing, gluing, or whatever else the current project requires. The best part is that you can work an hour or two on a project and then leave everything in place. When you are ready to work on the craft project a little more, you can pick up right where you left off.

A New Family Den

Sometimes you need a more casual living space for the family to enjoy. Many people have converted Mississauga basements into dens that are perfect for relaxing, reading, watching television and other activities. Add a small kitchen area and it will be easy to make snacks to enjoy while you watch your favorite movie or sporting event.

The potential for your basement is only limited by your imagination. Talk with a professional today and discuss how to convert the area into a space you’ve always wanted. The investment of time, effort, and money will pay off in a big way.


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