4 Key Reasons to Have Your Car Detailed Before a Big Date


After being out of the dating game for a time, you want your first attempt at going out with someone new to be successful. Along with paying attention to your clothing and personal hygiene, it never hurts to have your car detailed before the big date. Here are four of the more important reasons why this one little thing will make a difference in how the evening progresses.

Your Date Will Notice the Clean Exterior

With car detailing, there is no area of the body that is not cleaned thoroughly. In fact, it will be cleaner than it was since it was purchased off the showroom floor. When you arrive at your date’s home, you can bet that seeing a car that is so clean it seems to shine under those street lights will get things off to a good start.

The Clean Smell Inside Helps

That positive first impression is enhanced when your date settles into the passenger seat and enjoys the clean smell of the upholstery. Being in an environment that looks and smells clean often relaxes people. You are already a little nervous and your date is likely to be the same. The clean smell of the vehicle will put both of you a little more at ease and you’ll find it’s easier to begin making small talk.

The Seats Feel Clean

Since you had the entire vehicle detailed, the upholstery no longer sports any sticky spots left from that soda you spilled on the way to work. Along with looking their best, the fact that the seats are smooth and supple to the touch will also help your date feel more comfortable. That’s important since both of you are a little nervous anyway.

When no one is worrying about something sticking to an article of clothing, it’s easier for everybody to relax. That paves the way for being able to talk and possibly finding out the two of you have a lot in common.

The Car Tells Your Date Something Important

Above all, the fact you had the car detailed lets your date know that the event was considered important enough to put in some extra effort. This was not a matter of running through the shower and grabbing some clothes from the closet. You actually put some preparation into the evening. Knowing that you were willing to do that sort of thing will certainly make your date more appreciative.

If you have a big first date coming up, check with the auto services that offer detailing and arrange for a complete interior and exterior cleaning. You’ll feel more confident, your date will like the gesture, and the date will have a better chance of being great for both of you.


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