Top 4 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Windows Replacement Company


Your residential windows in Brampton are not in the best condition. While you’ve tried a few basic repairs and some cosmetic work, that’s just not enough. You need new windows in order to truly make the place more attractive and energy efficient. Before you hire the first company that offers residential window replacements, there are some questions to ask. These four will help you decide if that company is really the right choice.

How Much Experience Do You Have with Residential Window Replacement?

Some companies focus mainly on commercial or industrial projects and only take on residential ones as secondary work. Others specialize in residential window replacement. When talking with the representative of any company, always find out how much experience they have with replacing home windows.

Your goal is to ensure the people who install those new windows are aware of and know how to handle replacement issues that are common with homes. Without than knowledge and expertise, you could end up with an inferior result. Only proceed with the discussion if you are happy with the answer to this question.

Can You Handle Window Customization?

Unless your home was built in the last few decades, there’s a good chance that some of the windows are slightly different in size. The difference is not apparent to the naked eye, but it will be important when it comes to ordering replacement windows. At least a few will have to be customized so they will fit the home’s frame properly.

Ask the company representative what they can offer in terms of designing and customizing windows to fit properly. The process they use will give you an idea of how they measure, trim, and otherwise adapt standard windows for the purpose. You’ll find that a company with plenty of residential experience typically understands what is involved with the customization of windows Brampton and will not hesitate to walk a client through the necessary steps.

Are Your Credentials in Order?

You want to hire a window replacement company that has all the key credentials in place. Along with a proper business license, inquire about insurance coverage. Specifically, what sort of liability coverage is provided with each project? You want to know that if something goes wrong during the replacement project the resources are there to cover any resulting costs.

Remember that the liability coverage should be enough to protect the installation crew and you. From accidents that take place during the project to damage to the home resulting from actions by the crew, the liability insurance should take care of all expenses. If there is any hedging on this front, take that as a sign to work with a different company.

Will You Supply References?

Reputable companies like Euroseal Windows are happy to supply prospective companies with references. They want their prospects to talk with past customers and learn more about the punctuality, ethics, and quality that the company exhibits during each project. If you find that obtaining references is a difficult process, that’s another sign to talk with a different firm.

The decision of who will install those new windows will impact you and your family for decades. Make it a good one. Ask these questions and listen carefully to the answers. It won’t take long to find a company that will do a great job for a reasonable price.


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