Bad Mobile Habits


Bad mobile habits you need to break

When it moonlights as your alarm clock, calendar, and tip calculator,your smartphone is an essential tool in the Responsible Adult™ toolkit, but it doesn’t always encourage your best behavior. Maybe you have a bad habit of checking your phone for notifications while ignoring your dinner date, or perhaps you text bomb your contacts and overuse emojis to the point of confusion.

While these are annoying to the people around us, they aren’t the worst things you can do with your phone. When it comes to bad mobile conduct, there are few habits worse than what we’ll focus on today.

1. Taking your iPhone to bed

After a long day at the office, we want nothing more than to crash early and get a good night’s sleep. But then we get an email from the boss, see the entire squad’s in the group chat, and remember there’s still a few episodes of OitNB left to binge. Before you know it, it’s early morning and you can see your screen burnt into your eyelids every time you close them.

According to the latest research, the blue light in your display upsets your body’s melatonin production. This hormone regulates your sleeping pattern and is the reason why you feel sleepy at the end of the day. Exposure to the bright light for hours before you go to bed affects your melatonin levels and can keep you up for longer—even well-after you put the phone away.

Enable your iPhone’s Night Shift setting to switch the blue backlighting to a softer display reminiscent of incandescent bulbs or candles. This will reduce some of the effects your late-night Twitter rant has on your sleep schedule. For the best night’s sleep, however, experts suggest you put the phone down as much as one hour before you hit the hay.

2. Not using a skin

Wearing protection is a good policy to live your life by and don’t forget it applies to the iPhone in your hand. Far too many smartphone users think they don’t need to protect their device. They think that they’re careful with their iPhone, and they’d never drop it. Of course, pride always comes before a fall. One wrong move and you’re watching your phone smash to pieces on the floor.

To save yourself such a fate, you should invest in protective iPhone skins. When you shop from an online store like dbrand’s, you can be assured you’re wrapping your fragile handset in a grip-enhancing decal that makes this small device easier to hold. Not only will it increase the chances of keeping your phone in your hands, it’s made out of a scratch and grime proof material that saves it from daily wear and tear. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have the latest 7 Plus. You can pick a tailor-made decal from the many iPhone 6s skins at dbrand and know you and your cell are covered.

3. Texting and driving

By far the most dangerous item on this list, texting is a huge problem when it’s done behind the wheel. Too bad a lot of people can’t help but check their phones while on the road. Distracted driving thanks to cell phones is responsible for over roughly 65% of all road accidents in the US, 78% of which results in serious injuries. At this rate, texting is actually more dangerous than driving under the influence — 6 times in fact!

It may seem like nothing to check the text your buddy just sent, but all it takes is 3 seconds for distracted driving to result in an accident. Next time you head out place your iPhone far from reach. That way you won’t be tempted to look away from the road the next time your cell chimes. Your friend will understand if you wait to reply until you’re parked safely out of traffic—especially if it means you’ll avoid becoming another statistic.


Unlike rude texting behavior, these 3 bad habits have the potential to affect your life negatively. If you commit any of these big 3, you’re in need of some mobile hygiene so you can wash these bad behaviors from your life. Get rid of them by engaging Night Shift, applying a skin, and tucking away your phone whenever you drive. It’s worth the effort once you realize how well-rested and safe both you and your phone are!



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