Self-catering accommodation


Top tips to remember when making a reservation for self-catering accommodation

When it comes to a short holiday (say, a weekend), a hotel or a bed & breakfast is sometimes a good way to go; after all, you’re staying there for only a limited amount of time, and you’ll be outside the premises most of the time anyway. However, when it comes to a proper holiday, there are many other options available, and it would be a shame not to make use of them.

Self-catering accommodation provides the answer to many questions people on holiday ask; it is the best way to enjoy the holiday just the way you like it (especially if you have family to consider). Planning on making this holiday extra special? Here are some top tips to remember when making a reservation for self-catering accommodation.

Check the inclusions of the agreement

It’s tempting to assume every little detail will be worked out – we expect drinking water to be free, we expect there will be kitchen essentials, and we expect there to be enough towels, linen, and so on. Better check it out first; some of it may not be provided unless you specifically request it in advance. Check the inclusions of the agreement. If you can’t find the information online, give them a ring and make sure.

Cleaning up

We’re sure that you are a tidy person and of course you will leave the place as neat as when you found it; that’s just good manners. However, do make sure you know what to do with the rubbish (do you need to take it out yourself?), and do check if there are any fees for checking out (for cleaning) that haven’t been mentioned yet.

Pets allowed?

Self-catering accommodation is excellent if you want to bring your pet – unlike most hotels or inns. However, don’t assume that your furry friend is automatically welcome; make sure and confirm that pets are allowed first.

Transportation and accessibility

It’s great if you find a place that has all the amenities, plenty of space, and a wonderful view of the town or city below. It’s not so great if you have to walk 3 kilometres to the shops. See if you have to provide your own transportation, if there is enough parking space, or if there is plenty of public transportation available (and at what times).

There’s no doubt that self-catering accommodation such as the apartments Edinburgh offers can set the tone for a much better holiday experience; you’re sure to have more freedom, better accommodation, higher quality amenities, and all at a much lower price compared to a hotel. However, it’s important that you find the perfect accommodation for you and your family – and you have to be selective. Make sure you book with the right company. After that, you can enjoy your holiday any way you like.


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