4 Definite Outcomes of Driving With a BAC in the Warn Range


It’s no secret that the laws related to impaired driving in the GTA are severe. In fact, they are becoming stricter as time goes by. While some may feel that having a little too much and getting behind the wheel for a short ride home is not that big a deal, the law begs to differ. If you are over the age of 21 and your blood alcohol concentration is found to be in what is known as the warn range, there are several possible outcomes. Here are some examples to help you understand why it would be best to call a cab instead of driving yourself home.

Your Licence Will Be Suspended

The BAC within the warn range is 0.05 to 0.08. If the concentration of alcohol in your bloodstream is found to be within this range, you can rest assured that your licence will be suspended. The length of the suspension depends on whether this is your first offense or if prior offenses exist.

Assuming this is your first arrest for driving while impaired, you can expect to lose your driving privileges for a period of three days. A second offense within a period of five years will mean a mandatory suspension of a full week. If you already have two prior arrests and this is your third in the last five years, that licence will be suspended for 30 days. When you are facing your fourth incident, the 30 days will be paired with other measures designed to encourage you to break your current pattern.

You Will Pay An Administrative Monetary Penalty

Whether it’s your first offense or there are multiple offenses on your driving record, an Administrative Monetary Penalty will be imposed. This will be in addition to the suspension of your driving privileges for a specified period of time. The Kitchener drunk driving lawyers who handle these types of cases can help you with the process of remitting the payment.

Participating in the Alcohol Education Program

Beginning with a second offense within a five year period, you will be required to participate in the Alcohol Education program. The goal is to help you understand the severity of driving while under the influence.

You May Be Required to Outfit Your Vehicle With an Ignition Interlock Device

If you are facing your third or greater offense, the installation of an ignition interlock device will be necessary. The device is designed to provide in-vehicle breath testing to determine alcohol content.

Before you can start the engine, it’s necessary to blow directly into the device. It’s mounted on the driver’s side for convenience. If the test indicates your blood alcohol concentration is over the acceptable level, the ignition will not function. The device also requires random sampling when the car is in operation. If you fail to respond or the BAC is over the allowed limit, the device issues a warning, makes a record of the event, and also initiates warning signs designed to protect other drivers until you pull over and turn off the engine. Those signs are usually activating the flashers and sounding the horn repeatedly.

These outcomes apply when there is no accident and no one had been injured as the result of a poor choice. If you choose to get behind the wheel and end up causing harm to others, you may find yourself in need of an assault lawyer for representation. Do the smart thing and don’t get behind the wheel when you are under the influence of any substance. You will save yourself a great deal of trouble and possibly avoid harming another individual.


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