4 Effective Approaches to Experiential Marketing at Your Next Corporate Event


Sometimes referred to as engagement marketing, experiential marketing is all about involving the consumer in the process of getting to know the products your company has to offer. Instead of indirect methods like print and online advertising, the experiential approach calls for direct contact and interaction. Whether you are at a trade show, hosting a product launching, or exhibiting at a local chamber of commerce event, there are a number of ways to put this approach to good use. Here are four suggestions to consider.

Conduct a Workshop

The key to any Femme Fatale Media experiential marketing is involvement. What better way to involve potential clients than to offer some type of workshop or seminar that gets into some of the details of what products you offer and how they are used? Structuring an informative workshop that holds the attention of the participants makes a lasting impression that will serve you well long after the event is over.

You can make use of event staff to help with demonstrations, encourage guests to provide feedback, and in general make sure everyone has a chance to participate. Some of the staff can also hand out some type of little customized gift that has some connection to your company and personally thank each guest for attending. Little touches like that will go a long way toward building good will between your company and the potential client.

Provide Samples of Your Products

Free samples provided during your corporate event is always a nice touch. They provide something tangible that the client can take back with them and show to other people. The samples should be something other than the token gifts you provide to each attendee. For example, the gift could be something like a tablet cover bearing your company logo, but the sample happens to be one of the chocolate bars that you will be releasing to the market next month.

Invite Guests to Try Your Products

Another approach is to invite your guests to try one or more of your products on the spot. To help keep things moving along, talk with the team at a model agency and arrange for professionals to function as brand ambassadors. They can try a product or two as a way of getting people in the mood to participate. They can also circulate through the space and aid the guests in giving your products a try. This type of personalized approach can help guests see the value of what you offer first hand and boost the odds of having some orders before your event is over.

Hold a Question and Answer Period

Whether your event is more structured or less formal, always have time set aside for the guests to ask questions. The professional models you hired to help with the event can circulate through the group and make sure no one with a question is overlooked. Responding to questions now as well as providing contact information so people can text or email questions later is another great way to engage potential clients and enhance their level of interest.

Marketing is a fact of life if you want your business to succeed. Decide what sort of event you want to hold, contact an agency and arrange for the right type of event staff to help, and send out those invitations. You will soon see how this form of engagement will benefit your business for years to come.


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