4 Important Reasons Why You Need the Right Software for Your Karate School


Running a business, including a karate school, requires taking care of a lot of details. One of the best ways to keep yourself organized is to invest in a software package that helps you keep track of most of the more important aspects of the operation. Here are four of the functions that the software needs to provide in order for you to consider making a purchase.

Planning Tours for Interested Parties

Prospective students will want to learn quite a bit about the school before they register. That’s where planning tours and preparing informational materials comes into the picture. Unless you have an organized approach to welcoming people and helping them learn about what you have to offer, they are not likely to stick around for long.

The right tour management software will help you plan a physical tour of the facility, but it can also aid in preparing an electronic presentation for your website. That same presentation can be used as an introduction prior to a physical tour. You can even choose to share the video on other websites as a way of promoting the school.

Tracking Student Progress

People who sign up with need to work with experts geared toward specific levels of prowess and fitness level. The perfect software will allow your trainers to create client profiles that house all the data related to each student’s current training level, notes about what needs to be worked on, and if the student is attending often enough to benefit from the training. With this type of resource on hand, it’s easier to know how to support each student properly and avoid someone dropping out because they are discouraged or feeling as if they aren’t getting much from their memberships.

Providing Reminders and Alerts in a Timely Manner

You also need software that makes it easy to stay in touch with your students. When the package allows you to create and schedule the release of email newsletters, class reminders, and other important updates, your students don’t learn about changes or updates when they show up at the school. That goes a long way toward maintaining positive relations with each of your students.

That software should also make it easy for students to get in touch with instructors and let them know if they will be out of town or unable to attend a scheduled class or consultation for some reason. Your staff will love this because they won’t be wondering why the student is not in class, and it will be easier to reschedule for a later date if necessary.

Keeping Up With the Finances

You are in business to make a profit and that means keeping an eye on the finances. Are all of your students paying their fees on time? Do you have payments to your suppliers scheduled so n nothing is paid late? How much net profit did you make last quarter and are you on track to match or exceed that figure this quarter? The right software helps you stay on top of your finances and not end up dealing with an unpleasant surprise.

Now is the time to seriously think about looking at different types of software for karate schools and find the package that’s right for you. Once it’s in place, you’ll be surprised at how much easier it is to keep the school running smoothly.


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