4 Nifty Ways to Create More Storage Space in Your Studio Apartment


You are someone who prefers to live simply and that means not having an apartment with tons of extra room. Even so, you do need a little more storage space than the closet and the cabinets in the kitchenette will provide. The solution is to use a few other approaches to create more storage space without taking up a lot of square footage. Here are four helpful ideas to consider.

Faux Desk Behind the Sleeper Sofa

Since you decided to invest in a sofa bed rather than positioning a single bed behind a screen, why not take advantage of the way you can arrange your space? Float the sofa so there is room to crate a faux desk using a couple of two-drawer filing cabinets and a thick piece of smoked glass. The cabinets will be roughly the same height as the sofa back and the thick glass provides an excellent spot to arrange lamps and other things you want to keep handy. The drawers are deep enough to hold folded clothing, smaller board games, and quite a few other things that would otherwise take up room in the closet.

Use Night Stands as End Tables

When you decide to rent studio in San Leandro start looking for end tables that include drawers in the design. You will find that a pair of night stands will work just fine when positioned by a couple of occasional chairs. Those drawers can be used to store DVDs, remote controls, or anything else that you want to keep handy.

Use a Trunk for a Coffee Table

If you want a coffee table to float in front of the sofa, consider investing in a trunk with a flat lid. The trunk will make a great conversation piece and add character to the space. Mount it on casters and only store light things inside; that will make it easier to scoot the trunk out of the way when you ready to open the sofa bed.

Innovative Storage as Part of the Window Treatments

Another way to add a decorative touch and also store some of the things you want to have handy is to make use of the space over each window. Mount shelving over each window using decorative supports. Along with a few books or framed pictures, work in some old tins and maybe a teakwood box or two into the items you arrange on each shelf. The collection creates one more point of interest in the space. At the same time, those tins and boxes are the perfect place to store some of the smaller things you need from time to time.

Depending on the layouts of the studio apartment rentals in San Leandro, CA that you consider, there are plenty of other ways to create some additional storage space. Be creative and see what you come up with. Once everything is in place, you’ll have a cozy living space that’s efficient, easy to keep clean, and always inviting at the end of a busy day.


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