4 Important Ways Shared Workspace is Great for the Entrepreneur


You started your small business in a back bedroom but that doesn’t mean it has to remain there. In fact, there are times when you may want to lease temporary office space for a week or more. There are a number of advantages to sharing workspace with others who are also in the process of working toward a goal. Here are four benefits to consider.

Human Interaction is Important to the Creative Process

While there’s a lot to be said for working at home, there are times when being around the energy and activity provided by other people is good for your creative process. The activity can help stimulate your thought processes and there is always the potential of being inspired by something that one of the other people in the shared workspace says or does.

At the very least, you are not so isolated in your work efforts that you begin to feel disconnected from the world in general. That will go a long way toward keeping your instincts, your creative ideas, and your sense of community alive.

Working at Home is Lonely

Even if you never get a single bit of inspiration from someone else who is sharing the space, having some company is often a good thing. There are times when you do want to be alone with your thoughts or want to be free of any distractions while working on a difficult task. Even so, knowing there is the opportunity to get up from your desk and go talk with people in the break room is good for your morale. It also doesn’t hurt that one or more of those other people might be excellent company during the lunch hour.

You Feel the Urge to Be a Little More Professional

When you work at home all the time, it’s easy to get into some casual habits. Your work attire is often something comfortable and not suitable for wearing out of doors.

There are those who hold to the theory that getting dressed in business attire makes an impact on professional demeanor. In other words, you will be more professional on the phone and in person if you are dressed for business. Since you are more likely to put on something suitable for the office when you lease temporary space, it will be easy to see if this does in fact make some difference in the way you interact with clients in person, online, and during a phone conversation.

It Feels Good to Go Home at the End of the Day

As much as you like working from home, there’s always the temptation to step back into work mode after you shut down for the day. That’s because your work space is just down the hall and behind a single door. As convenient as that makes your morning commute, it also means you may have difficulty separating your private time from your work time.

When you choose to lease temporary space, you regain that wonderful feeling that comes with calling it a day, locking the office door, and driving to your home. The temptation to return and complete one more task will be significantly less since you don’t want to drive all the way back to the workplace.

If you think a shared workspace would be good for you, take the time to look at an office space gallery and find a space that would work well for you. The expense is more affordable than you think and the change in scenery could be just what you need.


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