Why Regular Travellers Should Fly Private if Possible


No security lines or pat downs by TSA, lush leather seats and abundant legroom. Flying on private jet charter flights was considered only the prerogative of the wealthy and famous. However, that is changing and occasionally you can fly on a jet charter for the cost of coach, if you shop smartly. Imagine the perks of using a private jet rental to go on a holiday destination which saves time and gets you into the holiday spirit from the word go!

There are about 15,000 aircrafts available for charter flights in the worldwide fleet. The US market is the biggest followed by the European market with rapid progress in the Middle East, Central America and Asia. Moreover, a handful of websites and private jet rental companies are offering last-minute offers on empty seats, while others are changing their cost structure to make it more affordable. For example, the private jet charter company Paramount Business Jets offer the most competitive prices on a range of different jets. You can also get a membership if you are a regular traveler which may save you more in the long run, all of which you can find out about here: https://www.paramountbusinessjets.com/.

There are many benefits of a private jet hire. Apart from being opulent, the real advantages of flying privately are efficiency and convenience. For example, passengers do not have to fly out of busy commercial airports and can substitute it with a smaller general aviation airport if they live nearby one to avoid traffic and other hassles. Alternatively, even if passengers have to leave from a busy commercial airport they depart from a separate facility known as a fixed base of operation (FBO).

Flying private also saves fliers the stress and agitation of going through those dreaded security lines. While the aircraft captain can search passengers’ belongings, there is no X-ray machine followed by a line to remove shoes, clothes, belts and jewellery. Aircraft captains greet their passengers at the FBO and request identifications before accompanying them to the jet. If travelers are late the aircraft waits. Also, there are no changes, meaning no need to sprint across airports to catch connecting flights. Lastly, passengers are always with their baggage which also means they cannot lose it in transit.

Flying in a private jet charter is private as well as confidential. The only folks on board are the ones invited by you. The majority of private jets are equipped with connections for your devices. Moreover, depending on the aircraft passengers can make their charter flights more exclusive by watching movies or even satellite TV. They can change seats and walk around whenever their heart desires.

Before arriving, the jet charter crew would call ground transportation so passengers do not have to wait. Such actions by the team and crew on the ground eke the trouble out of air travel and travelers arrive at their destination ready to play or work. They save time and get more things done. Also, they can visit many destinations in a single day or can change flight times as well as destinations throughout the day as and when needed.

Regular Corporate Travellers

If you are regularly travelling for business, then private jet charter flights may just be the perfect option for you. In business, being late is not an option but sadly it can happen regularly with commercial airlines as you’re waiting around for a considerable amount of time before and after the flight. With private jets, there’s little to no hassle and you know you won’t miss your flight or get held up by other passengers.

If you have multiple meetings in one day or over the course of a few days which are in different locations, you can go from one place to another in an instant. You can even take a flight during the night and sleep on the jet, meaning you don’t have to worry about booking a hotel and getting up early in the morning for your flight to the new location.

For those that are travelling as a company, or who need to have a meeting on board, you can do so with corporate jets. You can either rent a private jet with a round table which will enable you to have a proper conference, or with simple seating so that you can have a discussion. The on-flight staff can cater to all your needs and leave you undisturbed if the discussion is confidential. You don’t have to worry about other passengers distracting you as the only people on board are you and your colleagues/clients.

If you can afford the luxury of flying in a private jet and are a regular traveller, whether for business or pleasure, then you should definitely look into what’s available.


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