The Ultimate Guide to Selling Mobile Phones for Recycling


Mobile phone recycling has tremendously grown over the past years mainly due to the increase in technology upgrades and innovation of mobile phones every few years. Consequently, the rise of phone recycling and the sale of old mobile phones owes to the environmental consequences of e-waste and keeping the world safe from harmful metal content.

It is crucial for you to understand how to recycle old phones and proper disposing of re-usable phones. Most people wonder curiously, can I sell my mobile phone? Well, of course, you can! Selling your mobile is the beginning of a dismantling process for recycling the materials used to manufacture phones.

Why You Should Recycle a Mobile Phone

Mobile phones contain hundreds of tiny parts made up of non-renewable equipment such as aluminum, gold, copper, silver, cobalt, palladium, and many other metals and components. If a phone ends up in the trash, all the precious metals wither with it. However, if you sell your phone for recycling, then all the metals can be reused in future.

Also recycling your mobile phone safeguards the proper disposal of the chemicals contained in the phone components. The chemicals contained in phones can cause serious environmental hazards when not disposed of correctly.

How to recycle mobile phones

If you’re still wondering, how do I sell my mobile phone for recycling purposes? Consider this scenario: When your mobile phone goes into a recycling shop, two important factors matter:

  • The phone model
  • Its condition at the time of sale

If the mobile phone still works and is reusable, the phone dealer refurbishes such phones and sends them to developing countries that perhaps cannot afford the latest mobile phones. Primarily iPhone recycling has seen numerous phones sold overseas at affordable prices.

If you experience technical challenges with your current iPhone, you can take it back to the manufacturer through a recycling program (most phone companies offer mobile phone recycling alternatives). The IT specialists will address the technical challenges (phone refurbishing) and sell it off at cheaper rates to mobile phone dealers.

Why Sell Your Mobile Phone for Recycling?

By now, you already know the importance of recycling and its importance to the environment. However, do you get value for money when you sell your used phone? The available rates for those selling their phones for recycling receive far better deals than selling an iPhone at an auction site, for example. However, it is critical that you check how much iPhone recycling costs at various mobile phone websites and compare rates.

If your iPhone is broken, or it shuts off and dies, you can sell it to recycling companies such as Sell my Mobile as a way of de-cluttering your house. Besides getting extra cash that you could use for acquiring a new phone, you can also sell its accessories and cables, since you will not need those as well. People with older mobile phone models can sell off their phones for proper disposal and recycling of reusable phone parts.

Today, the world has more than one billion mobile phones selling every year; you can imagine the magnitude of the metals lying around in idle lands if all these phones were disposed of incorrectly. iPhone recycling has no doubt influenced the environment positively, saving on precious metals as well as safeguarding our environment. It is also crucial to consider the proper disposal of phone batteries, ensure that you separate these from your regular trash.

Therefore, when you sell your mobile phone, you not only help conserve the environment but also prevent further use of natural resources such as precious metals. Phone recycling has significantly influenced the growth of economies in developing countries. They buy western refurbished, re-usable phones at affordable rates far better than the original fixed prices in western countries.

So the next time you drop and break your phones, or think of replacing it with the latest iPhone version, think of reselling it for recycling purposes. Most phone manufacturing companies are now receiving phones that are meant for recycling purposes. Therefore, do not through your phone away, just sell it to some companies to save the environment.


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