How to make your catalogue delivery campaign a success


There are many things you should consider when planning to distribute catalogues. Your goal is to make a positive first impression as well as encourage recipients to flick through the catalogue and check out your products. There are numerous ways you can achieve this, including attractive graphics and readability as well as special deals and loyalty programs.

A perfectly designed catalogue will help you increase your brand awareness and attract prospective customers. By combining aesthetic appeal and descriptive information, you can give your business the best opportunity to succeed. This article contains additional information on how to make your catalogue delivery campaign a success for your business.

Plan Your Pages

Working out each page of your catalogue requires more thought than you might think. For example, how many pages will the catalogue have, and what will be on each of them? Catalogues that are too short suggest a lack of options, while catalogues that are too long can overwhelm readers with all the options they can choose from. Finding a good balance is highly recommended, allowing you to advertise your best products and give each of them the space they need to sell themselves.

Use Attractive Graphics

Nearly everybody responds well to aesthetically pleasing graphics and images. While descriptive information is necessary, it needs to be short and sharp so it enhances rather than detracts from the images displayed. Quality imagery will give readers a good idea of what to expect when buying your products, which will further encourage them to purchase from your business as opposed to looking elsewhere for their needs.

Offer Special Deals

Catalogue delivery campaigns are only as effective as their ability to attract prospective customers. Including limited special deals and promotions are a fantastic way of convincing people to buy products from your business. Special promotions can range from discounts on products and buy-one-get-one-free deals through to free delivery and more. These will get customers walking through your door and hopefully convince them to continue supporting your business in the future.

Have Multiple Ordering Options Available

Offering only one ordering option can dissuade prospective customers from purchasing your products. For example, some people feel anxious talking on telephones and would prefer an alternative method. Multiple ordering options can accommodate the various preferences your customers have. The most successful catalogue delivery campaigns often include telephone numbers, websites and mail-in forms for people to choose from.

Establish Loyalty Programs

A successful business aims to establish long-term relationships with their customers. This not only means satisfying their requirements at any given time, but also rewarding them for their continued support. Successful catalogue delivery campaigns should include loyalty programs whenever possible, offering exclusive benefits and discounts for customers who repeatedly purchase products.

Focus on the Front Page

Every advertisement needs to hook its audience, and the same is true when it comes to catalogue delivery. You should focus on creating a statement by having eye-catching graphics on the front page, encouraging people to pick your catalogue up and flick through its contents.


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